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1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Tourism Cities

ISBN 9780367199999
Published August 28, 2020 by Routledge
630 Pages 154 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Cities presents an up-to-date, critical and comprehensive overview of established and emerging themes in urban tourism and tourist cities. Offering socio-cultural perspectives and multidisciplinary insights from leading scholars, the book explores contemporary issues, challenges and trends.

Organised into four parts, the handbook begins with an introductory section that explores contemporary issues, challenges and trends that tourism cities face today. A range of topics are explored, including sustainable urban tourism, overtourism and urbanisation, the impact of terrorism, visitor–host interactions, as well as reflections on present and future challenges for tourism cities. In Part II the marketing, branding and markets for tourism cities are considered, exploring topics such as destination marketing and branding, business travellers and exhibition hosting. This section combines academic scholarship with real-life practice and case studies from cities. Part III discusses product and technology developments for tourism cities, examining their supply and impact on different travellers, from open-air markets to creative waterfronts, from social media to smart cities. The final Part offers examples of how urban tourism is developing in different parts of the world and how worldwide tourism cities are adapting to the challenges ahead. It also explores emerging forms of specialist tourism, including geology and ecology-based tourism, socialist heritage and post-communist destination tourism.

This handbook fills a notable gap by offering a critical and detailed understanding of the diverse elements of the tourist experience today. It contains useful suggestions for practitioners, as well as examples for theoretical frameworks to students in the fields of urban tourism and tourism cities. The handbook will be of interest to scholars and students working in urban tourism, heritage studies, human geography, urban studies and urban planning, sociology, psychology and business studies.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Contemporary Issues, Challenges and Trends in Urban Tourism

1. Challenges of World Tourism Cities: London, Singapore And Dubai

Cristina Maxim

2. Global Terrorism in Tourism Cities: The Case of World Heritage Sites

Cláudia Seabra and Odete Paiva

3. Sustainable Tourism in Cities

Jonathon Day

4. The Sharing Economy in Tourism Cities

Amanda Belarmino

5. Urbanization and Its Effects on City Tourism in China

Jian Ming Luo and Chi Fung Lam

6. Tourism and Gentrification

Maria Gravari-Barbas and Sandra Guinand

7. Urbanism and Overtourism: Impacts and Implications for the City of Hyderabad

Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar and Mahender Reddy Gavinolla

8. Micro Shocks and Public Outrage: City Tourism in a Turbulent World

Craig Webster and Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis

Part 2: Marketing, Branding and Markets for Tourism Cities

9. Marketing and Managing City Tourism Destinations

Alastair M. Morrison

10. The Emergence of the Business Tourism City

Rob Davidson

11. An Eventful Tourism City: Hosting Major International Exhibitions in Melbourne

Valentina Gorchakova and Vladimir Antchak

12. How Credible is Vancouver’s New Destination Brand? An Analysis of a Destination’s Brand Promise and the Tourist’s Brand Experience

Rami K. Isaac and Jacqueline Wichnewski

13. Family Tourism: Past, Present and Opportunities

Xinran Y. Lehto, Jun Chen and Uyen Le

14. The Impact of Millennials on Urban Tourism

Dae-Young Kim and Ye-Jin Lee

15. Visiting Older Friends and Relatives: Opportunities for Tourism Cities

Elisa Backer (Zentveld)

16. Dark Tourism and Cities

John J. Lennon

17. Green Cities as Bird Watching Destinations

David Newsome and Greg Simpson

Part 3: Product and Technology Developments for Tourism Cities

18. Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Contemporary Cities

Stephen W. Boyd

19. Outdoor and Indoor Markets in Tourism Cities

Joan C. Henderson

20. Something for Everyone? The Challenge of Touristic Urban Spaces

Ece Kaya and Deborah Edwards

21. Shaping Urban Destinations: Perspectives on Tourist Attractions

Sello Samuel Nthebe and Magdalena Petronella (Nellie) Swart

22. ‘Le vieux’ and ‘le nouveau’: The Ambidextrous Model of French Tourism Cities

Hugues Seraphin

23. The Transition of a Coastal Industrial City into a World-Class Tourism and Maritime City: The Case of Port Elizabeth

Cinà Van Zyl

24. Smart Urban Tourism Destinations at a Crossroads – Being ‘Smart’ and Urban Are No Longer Enough

J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak and Gildo Seisdedos

25. eTourism Challenges for Urban Tourism Destinations

Sebastian Molinillo, Rafael Anaya-Sánchez and Antonio Guevara-Plaza

26. The Growing Role of Social Media in City Tourism

Ulrike Gretzel

27. Transport in Tourism Cities: Beyond the Functional and Towards an Experiential Approach

Claire Papaix and J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak

28. The Artistic Medium of Walking: A Model for Reflexive Tourism the Memory is the Medium – Tourism, Walking and Art

Blake Morris

Part 4: Worldwide Tourism Cities and Urban Tourism

29. Urban Tourism Development in Europe: A Double-Edged Sword for the Cities?

Irem Onder and Bozana Zekan

30. Tourism Cities in the United States

Costas Spirou

31. Tourism in Latin America: An Overview and New Experiences in City Tourism

Blanca A. Camargo, María L. Chávez and María del Carmen Ginocchio

32. Tourism in ASEAN Cities: Features and Directions

Hera Oktadiana and Philip L. Pearce

33. Socialist Legacies and Cities: Societal Approach Towards the Socialist Heritage

Katia Iankova and Sonia Mileva

34. Tourism Cities in Post-Communist Countries

Melanie Kay Smith and Tamara Klicek

35. Tourism Cities in China

Bihu Wu, Qing Li, Feiya Ma and Ting Wang

36. Appreciating Geology in the Urban Environment

Samantha Richards, Greg D. Simpson and David Newsome

37. Dolphins in the City

Greg Simpson, Jessica Patroni, David Kerr, Jennifer Verduin and David Newsome

38. Location, Urban Fabric, and Transportation: Historical Morphogenetic Analysis of Tourism Cities Along the Grand Canal

Fang Wang, Bingyu Lin and Qingyin Liu

39. Macau as a City of Gastronomy: The Role of Cuisine in a Tourism Product Bundle

Kim-Ieng Loi, Weng-Hang Kong and Hugo Robarts Bandeira

40. Present Situation of Wuhan City Tourism Development

Yan (Mary) Mao

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Alastair M. Morrison, PhD is Research Professor in Marketing, Events and Tourism at the Business School, University of Greenwich, UK. Formerly, he was Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, USA, specialising in the area of tourism and hospitality marketing, and President of the International Tourism Studies Association. Alastair is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Tourism Cities. He is a member of the Experts Committee of the World Tourism Cities Federation.

J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak is Associate Professor of Tourism and Events at the University of Greenwich, UK, deputy leader of the university’s Tourism Research Centre, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Tourism Cities. Andres serves on the editorial boards of various journals, including the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research; Sustainability; Journal of Tourism Futures; and the Journal of Place Management and Development, among others. He is a member of the Experts Committee of the World Tourism Cities Federation.