1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of the Tourist Experience

Edited By Richard Sharpley Copyright 2022
    662 Pages 34 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    662 Pages 34 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Routledge Handbook of the Tourist Experience offers a comprehensive synthesis of contemporary research on the tourist experience. It draws together multidisciplinary perspectives from leading tourism scholars to explore emergent tourist behaviours and motivations.

    This handbook provides up-to-date, critical discussions of established and emergent themes and issues related to the tourist experience from a primarily socio-cultural perspective. It opens with a detailed introduction which lays down the framework used to examine the dynamic parameters of the tourist experience. Organised into five thematic sections, chapters seek to build and enhance knowledge and understanding of the significance and meaning of diverse elements of the tourist experience. Section 1 conceptualises and understands the tourist experience through an exploration of conventional themes such as tourism as authentic and spiritual experience, as well as emerging themes such as tourism as an embodied experience. Section 2 investigates the new, developing tourist demands and motivations, and a growing interest in the travel career. Section 3 considers the significance, motives, practices and experiences of different types of tourists and their roles such as the tourist as photographer. Section 4 discusses the relevance of ‘place’ to the tourist experience by exploring the relationship between tourism and place. The last section, Section 5, scrutinises the role of the tourist in creating their experiences through themes such as ‘transformations in the tourist role’ from passive receiver of experiences to co-creator of experiences, and ‘external mediators in creating tourist experiences'.

    This handbook is the first to fill a notable gap in the tourism literature and collate within a single volume critical insights into the diverse elements of the tourist experience today. It will be of key interest to academics and students across the fields of tourism, hospitality management, geography, marketing and consumer behaviour.

    Section 1: Dimensions of the Contemporary Tourist Experience

    1. Tourism, the Tourist Experience and Postmodernity: Theory, Application and Research

    Craig Wight

    2. Experiencing Tourism: Experiencing Happiness?

    Jeroen Nawijn and Wim Strijbosch

    3. The Emotional Dimension of the Tourist Experience

    Jase Wilson

    4. Building the Orchestra Model of Tourist Experience, Integration and Examples

    Philip L. Pearce and Zohre Mohammadi

    5. The Inter-Relationship Between Tourist Satisfaction and Tourist Experiences: How Does One Contribute to the Other?

    H. Kader Şanlıöz–Özgen and Metin Kozak

    6. Evolving Authenticity into the Magical Realm of Fantasy-Based Third-Order Simulacra

    Jane Lovell

    7. Tourist Experiences: Liminal, Liminoid or Just Doing Something Different?

    Richard Sharpley

    8. Finding Flow in the Travel Experience

    Statia Elliot

    9. Tourist Experiences as Attention Products

    Can-Seng Ooi

    10. Tourist Experience: A Semiotic Perspective

    Richard Voase

    11. Performing Beyond the View: Embodiment and Tourist Experiences

    Jillian M. Rickly

    12. Tourism: A Spiritual Experience?

    Richard Sharpley


    Section 2: Tourist Demand and Motivation

    13. The Ulysses Factor Revisited: Consolidating the Travel Career Pattern Approach to Tourist Motivation

    Philip L. Pearce

    14. The Experienced Tourist: Proposing a New Tourist Typology

    Sabrina Seeler

    15. Tourist Motivation: A Critical Overview

    Songshan (Sam) Huang


    Section 3: Tourist Roles and Experiences

    16. Traveller, Tourist and the ‘Lost Art of Travelling’: The Debate Continues

    Tom Sintobin

    17. Mass Tourism and Personal Experiences

    Erik Cohen

    18. Backpacker Tourist Experiences: Temporal, Spatial and Cultural Perspectives

    Dallen J. Timothy and Xuan Zhu

    19. Volunteer Tourism: ‘It's No Use Going Back to Yesterday, Because I Was a Different Person Then’

    Alexandra Coghlan

    20. Feelin’ Groovy: Exploring Slow(ness) in Tourism Experience

    Julia Fallon

    21. Ecotourist Experience: Myth or reality?

    Stephen Schweinsberg and Louise O’Flynn

    22. Is It Just the Music? Understanding the Atmosphere in Festivalgoers’ Experience at British Rock Music Festivals

    Alyssa Brown

    23. The Film-Induced Tourism Experience

    Sue Beeton

    24. Remembrancing, Remembrance Gangs, and Co-opted Encounters: Loading and Reloading Dark Tourism Experiences

    Tony Seaton

    25. Frontier Tourism: Transcendence Through Trial

    Jennifer H. Frost

    26. Creating Wellness Tourism Experiences

    Melanie Kay Smith

    27. Seeking the Unusual But Sustainable: Scuba Diving Experience

    Caglar Bideci and Mujde Bideci

    28. Religious Tourism: A Spiritual or Touristic Experience?

    Daniel H. Olsen

    29. The Contemporary Cruise Tourist Experience

    Jo-Anne Lester, Jennifer Holland and Catherine Palmer

    30. Key Components of Sport Tourist Experiences

    Sean Gammon

    31. Photography and the Tourist Experience: From Cameras to Smartphones

    Richard Sharpley

    32. Accessible Tourist Experiences

    Marcus Hansen and Alan Fyall


    Section 4: The Tourist Experience and Place

    33. Marketing a Sense of Place to Tourists: A Critical Perspective

    Maria Lichrou and Aggelos Panayiotopoulos

    34. The Importance of Built Heritage in the English Seaside Experience

    David Jarratt

    35. Island Tourist Experiences

    Godfrey Baldacchino

    36. Delivering Appealing and Competitive Rural Wine Tourism Experiences

    Elisabeth Kastenholz and Bernard Lane

    37. Wilderness Tourism: Nature-Based Tourist Experiences in Wild Places

    Jarkko Saarinen


    Section 5: Creating and Mediating the Tourist Experience

    38. Designing the Tourist Experience: A Marketing Perspective

    Dora Agapito

    39. Tourist Experience: A Marketing Perspective

    Serena Volo

    40. Value Co-Creation in Tourism Eco-Systems: Operant and Operand Resources

    Nina K. Prebensen and Muzaffer S. Uysal

    41. Place-Based Education, Cemetery Visitation and the Tourist Experience

    Siow-Kian Tan and Siow-Hooi Tan

    42. Service Experiences and Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

    Thais González-Torres, Eva Pelechano-Barahona and Fernando E. García- Muiña

    43. Tour Guides as Mediators of Commemoration, Education and Holiday Making: The Anthropology of the Dark Tourism Experience in Berlin

    Asaf Leshem

    44. Experience Design in the Smart Tourism Destination

    Barbara Neuhofer and Dimitrios Buhalis


    Richard Sharpley is Professor of Tourism and Development at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. His research interests lie within two broad areas – tourism and sustainable development and the tourist experience – and he has researched and published widely in both.