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Routledge Introductions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis

About the Series

Series Editor: Aner Govrin, Ph.D.

Executive Editor: Yael Peri Herzovich, Ph.D.

Assistant Editor: Itamar Ezer

"Routledge Introductions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis" is one of the prominent psychoanalytic publishing ventures of our day. It will comprise dozens of books that will serve as concise introductions dedicated to influential concepts, theories, leading figures, and techniques in psychoanalysis covering every important aspect of psychoanalysis.

The length of each book is fixed at 40,000 words. 

The series' books are designed to be easily accessible to provide informative answers in various areas of psychoanalytic thought. Each book will provide updated ideas on topics relevant to contemporary psychoanalysis – from the unconscious and dreams, projective identification and eating disorders, through neuropsychoanalysis, colonialism, and spiritual-sensitive psychoanalysis. Books will also be dedicated to prominent figures in the field, such as Melanie Klein, Jaque Lacan, Sandor Ferenczi, Otto Kernberg, and Michael Eigen.  

Not serving solely as an introduction for beginners, the purpose of the series is to offer compendiums of information on particular topics within different psychoanalytic schools. We ask authors to review a topic but also address the readers with their own personal views and contribution to the specific chosen field.  Books will make intricate ideas comprehensible without compromising their complexity.

We aim to make contemporary psychoanalysis more accessible to both clinicians and the general educated public. 

Aner Govrin - Editor

30 Series Titles

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Narcissism A Contemporary Introduction

Narcissism: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Richard Wood
October 03, 2024

Narcissism: A Contemporary Introduction provides a historical overview of this key foundational concept within psychoanalytic thought.   Richard Wood offers a critical overview of the theoretical landscape that characterises the understanding of narcissism, referring to the work of Fromm, Rosenfeld...

The Death Drive A Contemporary Introduction

The Death Drive: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Rossella Valdrè
October 02, 2024

This comprehensive yet accessible book analyses the clinical and historical experiences that led to the radical, complex and fundamental psychoanalytic concept of the death drive.   In The Death Drive: A Contemporary Introduction, Rossella Valdrè traces the path that led Sigmund Freud to theorise ...

Otto Kernberg A contemporary Introduction

Otto Kernberg: A contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Frank E. Yeomans, Diana Diamond, Eve Caligor
August 06, 2024

In this book, Frank Yeomans, Diana Diamond and Eve Caligor provide a systemic review of Otto Kernberg’s multiple contributions to psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychology and our understanding of the mind and group behaviour.   The book spans the full scope of Kernberg’s career, both highlighting the...

Schizophrenia A Contemporary Introduction

Schizophrenia: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Gillian Steggles
August 01, 2024

Schizophrenia: A Contemporary Introduction provides a vital overview of psychoanalytic work with patients dealing with schizophrenia, highlighting the many benefits of this approach and introducing key methods for mental health practitioners. This concise introductory volume starts by offering a ...

Erich Fromm A Contemporary Introduction

Erich Fromm: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Sandra Buechler
July 24, 2024

In this passionate volume, Sandra Buechler introduces Erich Fromm's groundbreaking contributions to psychoanalysis, sociology, philosophy, political action, and social criticism. | Buechler explores how Fromm's thinking and interdisciplinary vision are able to frame discussions of dilemmas in ...

Erotic Transference A Contemporary Introduction

Erotic Transference: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Andrea Celenza
July 24, 2024

Erotic Transferences: A Contemporary Introduction offers a comprehensive introduction to this key, yet challenging aspect of the psychoanalytic process.   Despite emerging frequently in the psychoanalytic process, Andrea Celenza highlights the sparseness of literature on erotic transferences and a ...

Transgenerational Trauma A Contemporary Introduction

Transgenerational Trauma: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Jill Salberg, Sue Grand
May 06, 2024

In this book, Jill Salberg and Sue Grand offer an overview of the psychoanalytic work on transgenerational trauma, rooting their perspective in attachment theory, and the social-ethical turn of Relational psychoanalysis. Transgenerational Trauma: A Contemporary Introduction is a cutting-edge study ...

Antonino Ferro A Contemporary Introduction

Antonino Ferro: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition

By Robert Snell
March 15, 2024

This book provides a clear, thorough, and accessible introduction to the work of Antonino Ferro and draws on the clinical vignettes that punctuate his writings to show how Ferro has built on Bion’s revolutionary achievements to develop a distinctive, game-changing version of field theory in ...

James F. Masterson A Contemporary Introduction

James F. Masterson: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition

By Loray Daws
February 01, 2024

In this volume, Loray Daws traces the life and work of Dr. James F. Masterson, with a focus on the scientific development and later expansion of the six developmental stages of the Masterson Method. Exploring more than 15 of Masterson’s volumes, as well as countless articles, Daws shows how ...

Marion Milner A Contemporary Introduction

Marion Milner: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition

By Alberto Stefana, Alessio Gamba
December 08, 2023

This focused and thorough book by Alberto Stefana and Alessio Gamba delves into Marion Milner’s contribution to psychoanalytic clinical theory and technique. The authors offer an overview of Milner’s work as a psychoanalyst, writer, and gifted painter. They bring to light how each of her clinical ...

Sigmund Freud A Contemporary Introduction

Sigmund Freud: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition

By Susan Sugarman
September 01, 2023

In this clear and concise volume, Susan Sugarman introduces the work of Sigmund Freud and keenly illustrates the impact his pioneering contributions have had on the way we think about ourselves and each other. Part of the Routledge Introductions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis series, this book sees...

Jungian Psychoanalysis A Contemporary Introduction

Jungian Psychoanalysis: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition

By Mark Winborn
August 31, 2023

Jungian Psychoanalysis: A Contemporary Introduction provides a concise overview of analytical psychology as developed by Carl Jung. Mark Winborn offers a succinct introduction to the key elements of Jung’s conceptual model and method, as well as an outline of the major transitions, critiques, and...

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