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Routledge Library Editions: Ethics

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Published July 31, 2020 by Routledge
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Book Description

Originally published between 1921 and 2003, the 48 volumes in this set cover one of the most problematic areas of moral philosophy, and one which is a key component of many undergraduate philosophy degrees. The volumes in this set include volumes on all the main areas: Applied, normative, descriptive, consequentialist and metaethics and touch on the vital issues of objectivity and subjectivity, relativism and realism, reason and feeling, necessity and freedom.

Table of Contents

1. Kathryn Pyne Addelson Moral passages : toward a collectivist moral theory 978-0-367-45771-6

2. Edited by Brenda Almond and Donald Hill Applied philosophy : morals and metaphysics in contemporary debate 978-0-367-45720-4

3. Robin Attfield A theory of value and obligation 978-0-367-86332-6

4. Renford Bambrough Moral scepticism and moral knowledge 978-0-367-45953-6

5. John H. Barnsley The social reality of ethics: the comparative analysis of moral codes 978-0-367-45963-5

6. Eunice Belgum Knowing better : an account of akrasia 978-0-367-47435-5

7. Amber Blanco-White Ethics for Unbelievers 978-0-367-49901-3

8. Pratima Bowes The Concept of Morality 978-0-367-90062-5

9. Victor Cosculluela The ethics of suicide 978-0-367-46249-9

10. Edited by Joseph P. DeMarco and Richard M. Fox New directions in ethics : the challenge of applied ethics


11. R. S. Downie and Elizabeth Telfer Respect for persons. 978-0-367-89904-2

12. R. S. Downie Roles and values: an introduction to social ethics 978-0-367-90034-2

13. G. C. Field Moral Theory 978-0-367-46850-7

14. David Fisher Morality and the bomb : an ethical assessment of nuclear deterrence 978-1-003-02999-1

15. Warner Fite An Adventure in Moral Philosophy 978-0-367-46854-5

16. Alan H. Goldman Moral knowledge 978-0-367-46274-1

17. Pepita Haezrahi The Price of Morality 978-0-367-46635-0

18. John Harris Violence and responsibility 978-0-367-46897-2

19. Anthony Holiday Moral powers : normative necessity in language and history 978-0-367-47647-2

20. Stephen D. Hudson Human character and morality : reflections from the history of ideas 978-0-367-51175-3

21.C. E. M. Joad Common-sense Ethics 978-0-367-47050-0

22. Oliver A. Johnson The moral life 978-0-367-51238-5

23. John Kemp Reason, Action, and Morality 978-0-367-49865-8

24. Joel J. Kupperman The Foundations of Morality 978-0-367-49848-1

25. David Lamb Death, brain death and ethics 978-0-367-47761-5

26. David Lamb Organ transplants and ethics 978-0-367-49151-2

27. Berel Lang Writing and the moral self 978-0-367-49160-4

28. Keekok Lee A new basis for moral philosophy 978-0-367-49060-7

29. Hywel David Lewis Morals and Revelation 978-0-367-49910-5

30. William Lillie An Introduction to Ethics 978-0-367-47712-7

31. J. D. Mabbott An Introduction to ethics 978-0-367-50914-9

32. Bernard Mayo The philosophy of right and wrong : an introduction to ethical theory 978-0-367-47723-3

33. Alan Montefiore A Modern Introduction to Moral Philosophy 978-0-367-50332-1

34. Justin Oakley Morality and the emotions 978-0-367-49467-4

35. Jennifer Radden Madness and reason 978-0-367-50000-9

36. D. D. Raphael Moral Judgement 978-0-367-50886-9

37. Michael A. Slote Common-sense morality and consequentialism 978-0-367-50256-0

38. J. J. C. Smart Ethics persuasion and truth 978-0-367-50765-7

39. T. L. S. Sprigge The Rational Foundations of Ethics 978-0-367-50269-0

40. Robert Streiffer Moral relativism and reasons for action 978-0367-51257-6

41. Mary Sturt and Margaret Blanche Hobling Practical Ethics 978-0-367-50291-1

42. W. H. Thorpe Science, Man and Morals 978-0-367-50727-5

43. Jennifer Trusted Moral principles and social values 978-0-367-50450-2

44. J. O. Urmson The emotive theory of ethics 978-0-367-50468-7

45. Edited by G. Wallace and A. D. M. Walker The definition of morality 978-0-367-50952-1

46. Geoffrey James Warnock The object of morality 978-0-367-50732-9

47. Peter Winch Ethics and action 978-0-367-50751-0

48. C. A. Wringe Children's rights : a philosophical study 978-0-367-51417-4

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