1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Iran Mini-Set A: History 10 vol set

    2392 Pages
    by Routledge

    Mini-set A:History re-issues 10 volumes originally published between 1902 and 1984 and examines the legacy of British control in Persia and the origins of the conflict between Iran & Iraq.

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    1. Iraq and Iran: The Years of Crisis  Jasim M. Abdulghani  2. The Iran-Iraq War  Edited by M. S. El Azhary  3. Persia: History and Heritage  Edited by John A Boyle  4. Modern Iran L. P. Elwell-Sutton  5. Persia Richard N. Frye  6. Persia and the Victorians Marzieh Gail  7. Studies in Ancient Persian History  P. Kershasp  8. The Struggle for Persia Donald Stuart  9. Persia and Its People Ella C. Sykes  10. The Persian Gulf  Arnold T. Wilson