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Routledge Library Editions: Political Thought and Political Philosophy
54 Volume Set

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ISBN 9780367219611
Published December 9, 2019 by Routledge
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Book Description

Routledge Library Editions: Political Thought and Political Philosophy (54 Volume set) presents titles, originally published between 1924 and 2003. Political theory has a long history and broad scope, this set draws together research from leading academics covering key themes such as: liberty and justice, power, federalism, anarchy and direct action, socialism, Marxism and liberalism. It will be of interest to students of both politics and philosophy.

Table of Contents

1. English Political Thought: 1603-1644 John William Allen (1938)

2. Morals and Politics: The Ethics of Revolution William Ash (1977)

3. The New Right Norman P. Barry (1987)

4. Trotsky, Trotskyism and the Transition to Socialism Peter Beilharz (1987)

5. Direct Action and Democratic Politics Robert Benewick and Trevor Smith (1972)

6. Knowledge and Belief in Politics: The Problem of Ideology Robert Benewick, R. N. Berki and Bhikhu Parekh (1973)

7. The Consent Theory of Political Obligation Harry Beran (1987)

8. Thomas Paine: Prophet and Martyr of Democracy Mary Agnes Best (1927)

9. The Political Thought of Yu. F. Samarin, 1840-1864 Loren David Calder (1987)

10. A History of the Political Philosophers George Catlin (1950)

11. A Study of the Principles of Politics: Being an Essay Towards Political Rationalization George E. G. Catlin (1930)

12. The Science and Method of Politics G. E. G. Catlin (1927)

13. The Origins of British Bolshevism Raymond Challinor (1977)

14. Revolution: A History of the Idea David Close and Carl Bridge (1985)

15. Edmund Burke and the Revolt Against the Eighteenth Century Alfred Bert Carter Cobban (1929)

16. Collective Political Violence: An Introduction to the Theories and Cases of Violent Conflicts Earl Conteh-Morgan (2003)

17. Social Classes in Marxist Theory Allin Cottrell (1984)

18. Liberty and Justice J. P. Day (1987)

19. The Concept of Human Rights Jack Donnelly (1989)

20. Liberalism and the Good R. Bruce Douglass, Gerald M. Mara and Henry S. Richardson (1990)

21. Political Obligation Richard E. Flathman (1973)

22. The Anarchist Way to Socialism: Eliseìe Reclus and Nineteenth-Century European Anarchism Marie Fleming (1979)

23. J. A. Hobson: A Reader Michael Freeden (1988)

24. The Modern Liberal Theory of Man Gerald F. Gaus (1983)

25. History of Political Thought Raymond G. Gettell (1924)

26. On Political Obligation Paul Harris (1990)

27. Pluralism and Corporatism: The Political Evolution of Modern Democracies R. J. Harrison (1980)

28. Nikolai Bukharin and the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism Michael Haynes (1985)

29. Politics and Philosophy in the Thought of Destutt de Tracy Brian W. Head (1987)

30. A Theory of Liberty: The Constitution and Minorities H. N. Hirsch (1992)

31. Politics, Innocence, and the Limits of Goodness Peter Johnson (1988)

32. Rethinking Socialism: A Theory for a Better Practice Gavin Kitching (1983)

33. Liberalism and its Critics Kirk F. Koerner (1985)

34. Political Science and Political Theory Jessica Kuper (1987)

35. Studies in Rebellion Evgeny Lampert (1957)

36. Anarchy or Hierarchy Salvador de Madariaga (1937)

37. The Form of Ideology: Investigations into the Sense of Ideological Reasoning with a View to Giving an Account of its Place in Political Life D. J. Manning (1980)

38. Social Contract and Political Obligation: A Critique and Reappraisal Peter J. McCormick (1987)

39. In the Twilight of Revolution: The Political Theory of Amilcar Cabral Jock McCulloch (1983)

40. The Romantic Tradition in British Political Thought Jonathan Mendilow (1986)

41. Domination and Power Peter Miller (1987)

42. The Problem of Federalism: A Study in the History of Political Theory (Volume One) Sobei Mogi (1931)

43. The Problem of Federalism: A Study in the History of Political Theory (Volume Two) Sobei Mogi (1931)

44. The Problem of Political Obligation Noel O'Sullivan (1987)

45. Marxism and Phenomenology Shirley R. Pike (1986)

46. Unity, Plurality and Politics: Essays in Honour of F. M. Barnard J. M. Porter and Richard Vernon (1986)

47. Tom Paine: The Greatest Exile David Powell (1985)

48. Justice and Egalitarianism: Formal and Substantive Equality in Some Recent Theories of Justice Michael Quinn (1991)

49. The Common Good: Its Politics, Policies and Philosophy Marcus G. Raskin (1986)

50. Contemporary Political Thought in England Lewis Rockow (1930)

51. Gramsci's Politics Anne Showstack Sassoon (1980)

52. Ideology and Politics Martin Seliger (1976)

53. Social Democracy and the Rule of Law Keith Tribe (1987)

54. The Development of Political Theory Charles Henry Vereker (1957)

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