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Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies

About the Series

Cultural and media studies are now well-established as important academic disciplines and are inspiring new research into a wide range of pertinent issues. This series presents outstanding research in these subjects, helping to shape the direction of future inquiry.


To submit a proposal for this series, please contact:
Suzanne Richardson, Commissioning Editor for Media, Cultural and Communication Studies
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Mobile Technologies From Telecommunications to Media

Mobile Technologies: From Telecommunications to Media

1st Edition

Edited By Gerard Goggin, Larissa Hjorth
December 17, 2009

In light of emerging forms of software, interfaces, cultures of uses, and media practices associated with mobile media, this collection investigates the various ways in which mobile media is developing in different cultural, linguistic, social, and national settings. Specifically, contributors ...

American Icons The Genesis of a National Visual Language

American Icons: The Genesis of a National Visual Language

1st Edition

By Benedikt Feldges
September 17, 2009

Despite the work that has been done on the power of visual communication in general, and about the social influence of television in particular, television’s relationship with reality is still something of a black box. Even today, the convention that the screen functions as a window on reality ...

Political Communication in a New Era

Political Communication in a New Era

1st Edition

Edited By Philippe Maarek, Gadi Wolfsfeld
March 21, 2003

This book seeks to provide readers with a cross-national perspective concerning the art of political communication in a field increasingly affected by globalization, fragmentation of political audiences, and the rise of professional communications experts - a field concerned not only with how ...

From Satellite to Single Market New Communication Technology and European Public Service Television

From Satellite to Single Market: New Communication Technology and European Public Service Television

1st Edition

By Richard Collins
November 10, 1998

Richard Collins explores public service television's role in fostering pan-European cultural identity. Based on extensive primary research, interviews with participants and analysis of key European programmes, this book documents the growth of the public service satellite television network which ...

Karaoke Around the World Global Technology, Local Singing

Karaoke Around the World: Global Technology, Local Singing

1st Edition

Edited By Shuhei Hosokawa, Toru Mitsui
July 19, 2001

The karaoke machine is much more than an instrument which allows us to be a star for three minutes. The contributors to this lively collection address the importance of karaoke within Japanese culture and its spread to other parts of the world, exploring the influence of karaoke in such different ...

Reporting the Israeli-Arab Conflict How Hegemony Works

Reporting the Israeli-Arab Conflict: How Hegemony Works

1st Edition

By Tamar Liebes
March 13, 1997

The author shows how journalists abandon their watchdog role, however unintentionally, to support 'our side', for example in the 1991 Gulf War. This book demonstrates how readers and viewers are also implicated by virtue of their expectations and their inability to decode the press critically. ...

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