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Routledge Series on the Humanities and the Social Sciences in a Post-COVID-19 World

About the Series

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our lives economically, politically, socially, and emotionally.

The pandemic has impacted around the world in terms of health and wellbeing, and brought into sharp focus fault lines and continuities in our lives and societies which are likely to outlive the pandemic. In this light, the humanities and the social sciences will have a crucial role to play as we reimagine and reshape everything we know in the post-pandemic years.

This Routledge series aims to bring forward cutting edge interdisciplinary research on various facets of politics, society, economy, environment, culture, psychology, and wellbeing in the post-COVID world. The books in this series will engage with a range of topical issues that have surfaced in the wake of the pandemic, and study how these emerging trends and critical developments are likely to impact the way in which humanities and social sciences are taught, researched and understood in the years to come.

We welcome interested researchers to contribute to this series. Please get in touch at [email protected]

3 Series Titles

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Democracy and Public Policy in the Post-COVID-19 World Choices and Outcomes

Democracy and Public Policy in the Post-COVID-19 World: Choices and Outcomes

1st Edition

Edited By Rumki Basu
September 25, 2023

After the COVID-19 disaster, ‘old’ frailties and inadequacies in agriculture and industrial productive capacities, in public health and transport systems have evinced sharply in the open, reopening the debates over public policy reforms as never before. This volume: Studies the likely impact ...

Federalism and the Response to COVID-19 A Comparative Analysis

Federalism and the Response to COVID-19: A Comparative Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Rupak Chattopadhyay, Felix Knüpling, Diana Chebenova, Liam Whittington, Phillip Gonzalez
September 25, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic bared the inadequacies in existing structures of public health and governance in most countries. This book provides a comparative analysis of policy approaches and planning adopted by federal governments across the globe to battle and adequately respond to the health emergency...

Pandemic, Governance and Communication The Curious Case of COVID-19

Pandemic, Governance and Communication: The Curious Case of COVID-19

1st Edition

By Dipankar Sinha
December 22, 2021

This book focuses on what is arguably the most devastating phenomenon in the history of modern civilization, the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows how, on the one hand, the pandemic has exposed governments the world over to deal with a major health crisis; and, on the other, efforts by the ruling forces ...

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