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Routledge Studies in Memory and Narrative: New International Debates

About the Series

This series explores:
* new and continuing debates on the nature and use of memory in the social and behavioural sciences and history
* new insights into the structure and function of narrative, genre and the nature of text as source
* theory, method and technology of interviews
* issues of subjectivity and social change
* contemporary significance of 'oral' society.
The subjects covered include social history, sociology, literature, social anthropology and psychology.

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Regimes of Memory

Regimes of Memory

1st Edition

Edited By Katharine Hodgkin, Susannah Radstone
November 25, 2011

A focus on memory has come to prominence across a wide range of disciplines. History, literature, philosophy, anthropology, and cultural studies have placed memory at the heart of their interrogations of subjectivity, narrative, time and imagination. At the same time, memory has emerged as a ...

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