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Routledge Studies in Sustainable Development

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This series uniquely brings together original and cutting-edge research on Sustainable Development. The books in this series tackle difficult and important issues in Sustainable Development including values and ethics; sustainability in higher education; climate compatible development; resilience; capitalism and de-growth; sustainable urban development; gender and participation; and well-being.

Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, the series promotes interdisciplinary research for an international readership. The series was recommended in the Guardian’s suggested reads for Development and Environment.

The series welcomes submissions from established authors in the field as well as from young authors. To submit proposals, please contact the Editor, Grace Harrison ([email protected]).

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Implementing Sustainability in Higher Education Learning in an age of transformation

Implementing Sustainability in Higher Education: Learning in an age of transformation

1st Edition

By Matthias Barth
May 06, 2016

In a time of unprecedented transformation as society seeks to build a more sustainable future, education plays an increasingly central role in training key agents of change. This book asks how we can equip students and scholars with the capabilities to promote sustainability and how the higher ...

Urban Waste and Sanitation Services for Sustainable Development Harnessing Social and Technical Diversity in East Africa

Urban Waste and Sanitation Services for Sustainable Development: Harnessing Social and Technical Diversity in East Africa

1st Edition

Edited By Bas van Vliet, Joost van Buuren, Shaaban Mgana
April 27, 2016

Urban sanitation and solid waste sectors are under significant pressure in East Africa due to the lack of competent institutional capacity and the growth of the region’s urban population. This book presents and applies an original analytical approach to assess the existing socio-technical mixtures ...

Universities and Global Human Development Theoretical and empirical insights for social change

Universities and Global Human Development: Theoretical and empirical insights for social change

1st Edition

By Alejandra Boni, Melanie Walker
April 11, 2016

This book makes the case for a critical turn in development thinking around universities and their contributions in making a more equal post-2015 world. It puts forward a normative approach based on human development and the capability approach, one which can gain a hearing from policy, scholarship...

Sustainable Capitalism and the Pursuit of Well-Being

Sustainable Capitalism and the Pursuit of Well-Being

1st Edition

By Neil E. Harrison
November 05, 2015

Sustainable development is the central challenge of the 21st Century. How can human civilization continue to develop without destroying the natural systems on which it depends?Environmentalists tell us that capitalism is the problem because it feeds our self-interest. They tell us that we have to ...

Sustainability and Wellbeing Human-Scale Development in Practice

Sustainability and Wellbeing: Human-Scale Development in Practice

1st Edition

By Mònica Guillen-Royo
October 22, 2015

The idea that we can meet human needs and simultaneously conserve and even enhance the natural environment is an attractive one. Since the Brundtland report popularised a definition of sustainable development based on the concept of needs, there has been a widespread belief that it should be ...

Measuring and Evaluating Sustainability Ethics in Sustainability Indexes

Measuring and Evaluating Sustainability: Ethics in Sustainability Indexes

1st Edition

By Sarah E. Fredericks
October 12, 2015

The indexes used by local, national, and international governments to monitor progress toward sustainability do not adequately align with their ethical priorities and have a limited ability to monitor and promote sustainability. This book gives a theoretical and practical demonstration of how ...

Theatre for Women’s Participation in Sustainable Development

Theatre for Women’s Participation in Sustainable Development

1st Edition

By Beth Osnes
October 12, 2015

Though development researchers have proven that the participation of women is necessary for effective sustainable development, development practitioners still largely lack culturally appropriate, gender-sensitive tools for including women, especially women living in poverty.  Current tools used in ...

Climate-Resilient Development Participatory solutions from developing countries

Climate-Resilient Development: Participatory solutions from developing countries

1st Edition

Edited By Astrid Carrapatoso, Edith Kürzinger
June 08, 2015

The concept of resilience currently infuses policy debates and public discourse, and is promoted as a normative concept in climate policy making by governments, non-governmental organizations, and think-tanks. This book critically discusses climate-resilient development in the context of current ...

Values in Sustainable Development

Values in Sustainable Development

1st Edition

Edited By Jack Appleton
June 08, 2015

To enhance sustainable development research and practice the values of the researchers, project managers and participants must first be made explicit. Values in Sustainable Development introduces and compares worldviews and values from multiple countries and perspectives, providing a survey of ...

The Sustainable University Progress and prospects

The Sustainable University: Progress and prospects

1st Edition

Edited By Stephen Sterling, Larch Maxey, Heather Luna
May 30, 2014

The direction of higher education is at a crossroads against a background of mounting sustainability-related issues and uncertainties. This book seeks to inspire positive change in higher education by exploring the rich notion of the sustainable university and illustrating pathways through which ...

Institutional and Social Innovation for Sustainable Urban Development

Institutional and Social Innovation for Sustainable Urban Development

1st Edition

Edited By Harald A. Mieg, Klaus Töpfer
March 27, 2014

Which new institutions do we need in order to trigger local- and global sustainable urban development? Are cities the right starting points for implementing sustainability policies? If so, what are the implications for city management? This book reflects the situation of cities in the context of ...

Sustainable Development in Amazonia Paradise in the Making

Sustainable Development in Amazonia: Paradise in the Making

1st Edition

By Kei Otsuki
March 21, 2013

This book argues against the assumption that sustainability and environmental conservation are naturally the common goal and norm for everyone in Amazonia. This is the first book focusing on agency, reflexivity and social development to address sustainable development in the region. It discusses ...

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