1st Edition

Rugby, Resistance and Politics How Dan Qeqe Helped Shape the History of Port Elizabeth

By Buntu Siwisa Copyright 2024

    Buntu Swisa has written a vivid biography of Dan Qeqe, the legendary sportsman, powerbroker and pioneer of black rugby and the liberation of sport. His book examines the complex and questionable relationships that Qeqe had with the enemies of non-racial sport, which cemented his power base. Siwisa tells the story of Qeqe’s life and times and at the same time has written a social and political biography of Port Elizabeth—a people’s history of Port Elizabeth. As much as Qeqe was a local legend, his achievements had national repercussions and, indeed, continue to this day.

    Print editions not for sale in Sub Saharan Africa.

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    PART ONE (1820–1971)

    Chapter 1: The History of Black Rugby (1820–1955): The Age of Innocence

    Chapter 2: The History of Black Rugby (1956–1971): The Age of Politics

    PART TWO (1929–1971)

    Chapter 3: Qeqe Begins (1929–1950s): The Roots

    Chapter 4: Qeqe in Port Elizabeth (1950s–1971)

    PART THREE (1971–2005)

    Chapter 5: The Accidental Birth of the KwaZakhele Rugby Union (1950s–1971)

    Chapter 6: ‘Up Kwaru!’

    Chapter 7: Building eDan Qeqe

    Chapter 8: The First Implosion (1977)

    Chapter 9: … and the Second Implosion (1982)

    Chapter 10: Qeqe and Port Elizabeth in the 1970s

    Chapter 11: Qeqe and Port Elizabeth in the 1980s

    Chapter 12: Qeqe Rests: The Legacy




    Buntu Siwisa obtained his D.Phil in Politics and International Relations from the University of Oxford. He was a Research Fellow at the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) at the University of Johannesburg. The book is a product of JIAS’s ‘African Biographies Project’.