This book examines the process of rural community development and transition—exploring the ways in which history, culture, and policies limit change as well as the extent to which local community resources can mobilize to support efforts for community change.

    Course Overview -- Describing Rural Communities -- The Rural Landscape -- Economy and Community -- Community and Culture -- Legacy and Social Class -- Community and the Economy -- Capital and Community -- The Global Economy -- Consumption in Rural America -- Midcourse Review Oakridge: A Case Study in Change -- Mediating Change: Community Infrastructure -- The Character of Rural Governments -- Economic Infrastructure -- Social Infrastructure -- Community Power and Grassroots Change -- Power in Communities -- Special Needs -- Generating Community Change -- Appendix Answer Key


    Jan L. Flora is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Sociology and Community Development Extension at Iowa State University and Research Professor at Kansas State University. Cornelia Butler Flora is director of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development and professor of sociology at Iowa State University, where she is also Charles F. Curtis distinguished professor of agriculture.