1st Edition

Rural Development In Taiwan And Mainland China

    This book reports the proceedings of the symposium, "Chinese Rural Development: Strategies and Experience," organized by the China Com-mittee of the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) and held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 30, 1989. The editors would like to thank members of the committee, listed below, for their time and efforts in planning, organizing, and hosting the symposium.

    List of: Tables and lllustrations -- Acknowledgments -- Foreword / Walter P. Falcon -- PART ONE OVERVIEW AND HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE -- 1. Overview / Peter Calkins, Wen S. Chern, and Francis C. Tuan -- 2. Chinese Rural Development: Historical Parallels and Recent Hypotheses / Peter Calkins -- 3. Economic vs. Noneconomic Factors in Chinese Rural Development / D. Gale /ohnson -- PART TWO INSTITUTIONS -- Introduction to Part Two / Francis C. Tuan -- 4. Technological Choice in Chinese Agriculture / Justin Yifu Lin Discussion: Wen-Fu Hsu -- 5. Institutional Organizations in Taiwan's Agricultural Development / Yu-Kang Mao Discussion: Liu Zhicheng -- PART THREE PRICES, COSTS, AND INCOMES -- Introduction to Part Three / Peter Calkins -- 6. Prices, Income, and Farm Policy in Taiwan / Tso-Kwei Peng Discussion: Guangsen Wang -- 7. Prices, Costs, and Farm Income in Mainland China: Rules of Farmer Behavior in a Uniquely Mixed Economy / An Xi-Ji Discussion: Carson Kung-Hsien Wu -- PART FOUR TRADE AND COMPETITION -- Introduction to Part Four / WenS.Chern -- 8. China's Agricultural Trade and Prospects in Foreign Competition / NiuRuofeng Discussion: Shin-Hsing Yeh -- 9. Taiwan's Agricultural Trade and Prospects in Foreign Competition / Hsi-huang Chen Discussion: Zhu Daohua -- PART FIVE GRAIN AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT -- 10. The Growing Grain Deficit and Its Implications for China's Developmental Strategy / Dwight H. Perkins -- About the Editors and Contributors -- Index.