1st Edition

Russia and America The Roots of Economic Divergence

By Colin White Copyright 1987

    Russia and America (1987) examines the divergence between two countries organised on diametrically opposed economic principles – one centrally-planned, state-dominated, the other a highly decentralised market economy, free from significant government intervention. It highlights not the political changes brought about by the Russian revolution, but a longer more gradual process of interaction between physical and human environments. A comparative study extending over several centuries is used to account for the striking differences in their economic history.

    Part 1. Theory and Practice  1. Coverage and Concepts  2. ‘Stylised Facts’ and Questions  Part 2. Risk, Resources and the Natural Environment  3. Of Gardens and Deserts  4. Economic Impact of Shocks and Disasters  5. Pioneer Risk  Part 3. Risk, Regimes and the Human Environment  6. Creation of Government  7. Creation of Markets  8. Interaction of Government and Markets  Part 4. Conclusion  9. A General Model of an Uncertain and Insecure World


    Colin White