1st Edition

Russia under Kruschev An Anthology from Problems of Communism

Edited By Abraham Brumberg Copyright 1962

    First Published in 1962, Russia under Kruschev is a comprehensive collection of articles from Problems of Communism, a journal published by U.S. Information Agency. These provide a chronological and thematic commentary on internal developments in Soviet Union varying from the changes in official ideology to the latest development in Soviet agriculture. They provide the broadest picture of the political, economic, and cultural trends of Kruschev’s Russia, and represent a galaxy of writing talent including work by Carew Hunt, Lowenthal, Avon, Dallin, de Jouvenel, Peter Wiles and others. This is an interesting read for scholars of Russian history and Soviet history.

    Part I: The Ideological Setting 1. Introduction 2. The Importance of Doctrine R. N. Carew Hunt 3. National Interest: Key to Soviet Politics Samuel L. Sharp 4. The Logic of One -Party Rule Richard Lowenthal 5. Ideology: The Fourth Stage Leopold Labedz Part II: KTO-KAVO? The Politics of the Struggle for Power 1. Introduction 2. Anatomy of Tyranny: Khrushchev’s Attack on Stalin Jane Degras 3. The Permanent Revolution is On Again? Richard Lowenthal 4. What happened to "Collective Leadership"? Merle Fainsod 5. The Nature of Khrushchev’s Power Richard Lowenthal 6. The Twenty-Second Party Congress Merle Fainsod Part III: The Economy: Problems, Prospects 1. Introduction 2. Blat is Higher than Stalin Joseph Berliner 3. Taxes and the Soviet Citizens Leon M. Herman 4. The Soviet Industrial Reorganization Alec Nove 5. Communism in a Hurry: The ‘Time Factor’ in Soviet Economics Gregory Grossman Part IV: The Society 1. Introduction 2. Equality and Inequality Under Khrushchev Robert A. Feldmesser 3. "…But some are more equal than others" Seweryn Bialer 4. The Current Status of the Soviet Worker Paul Barton 5. The Peasant, The Party and the System, Arcadius Kahan 6. Soviet Nationality Policy Perspective Alex Inkeles 7. Communism and Anti- Semitism Erich Goldhagen Part V: The Literary Scene 1. Introduction 2. Soviet Literary Criticism: Past and Present Victor Erlich 3. The "Literary Opposition" Harry Willets 4. The Struggle Goes on Max Hayward 5. Recent Soviet Literature George Gibian 6. Poems from the Underground 7. The Conscience of a Generation – A commentary A. ZR Part VI: Miscellanea 1. Introduction 2. Socialist Reality: The Road Uphill Leon Lipson 3. Recent Soviet Historiography Alexander Dallin 4. The Soviet Theatre Jurgen Ruhle Part VII: Whither Russia? 1. Introduction 2. An Empire in Convulsion: A Commentary 3. Soviet Society in Transition Raymond Aron 4. The Import of Ideological Diversity Sidney Hook 5. Social Welfare in the USSR Alec Nove 6. Why the Changes? Solomon Schwarz 7. Facts and Polemics Bertram Wolfe 8. The Logic of Economics Bertrand de Jouvenel 9. The Consumer and the System Peter Wiles 10. Ideology, Power, and Welfare Richard Lowenthal 11. The Glorious Future: Realities and Chimeras Erich Goldhagen 12. Totalitarianism Without Coercion? Herbert Ritvo Contributions


    Abraham Brumberg