Safety of Sea Transportation : Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (TransNav 2017), June 21-23, 2017, Gdynia, Poland book cover
1st Edition

Safety of Sea Transportation
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (TransNav 2017), June 21-23, 2017, Gdynia, Poland

ISBN 9781138297685
Published June 4, 2017 by CRC Press
436 Pages

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Book Description

Safety of Sea Transportation is the second of two Conference Proceedings of TransNav 2017, June 21-23 in Gdynia, Poland.

Safety of Sea Transportation will focus on the following themes:
Sustainability, intermodal and multimodal transportation
Safety and hydrodynamic study of hydrotechnical structures
Bunkering and fuel consumption
Gases emission, water pollution and environmental protection
Occupational accidents
Supply chain of blocks and spare parts
Electrotechnical problems
Ships stability and loading strength
Cargo loading and port operations
Maritime Education and Training (MET)
Human factor, crew manning and seafarers problems
Economic analysis
Mathematical models, methods and algorithms
Legal aspects

Table of Contents

Safety of Sea Transportation. Introduction
A. Weintrit & T. Neumann

Sustainability, Intermodal and Multimodal Transportation

Sustainability – Towards a New Consciousness
M. Denc

Informational Provision of Risk Management in Maritime and Multimodal Transportation
S.S. Moyseenko & L.E. Meyler

Port Cities Smart&Sustainable Development Challenges – Gdynia Case Study
A. Przybyłowski

Analysis of Infrastructure Ports and Access Road and Rail to Tri-City Seaport
M. Ziemska & P. Szumacher

Safety and Hydrodynamic Study of Hydrotechnical Structures

Hydrodynamic Study of Nautical and Shore Protection Structures in Santos Bay, Brazil
P. Alfredini, E. Arasaki, J.C.M. Bernardino, H.L. Puia, G. Silva & R.C. Prats

Safety of Ships Moored to Quay Walls
V. Paulauskas, D. Paulauskas, B. Placiene & R. Barzdziukas

Tools for Evaluation Quay Toe Scouring Induced by Vessel Propellers in Harbour Basins During the Docking and Undocking Manoeuvring
M. Castells, F.X. Martínez De Osés, A. Martín, A. Mujal-Colilles & X. Gironella

Bunkering and Fuel Consumption

Ship Fuel Consumption Prediction under Various Weather Condition Based on DBN
X.Q. Shen, S.Z. Wang, T. Xu, C.J. Shi & B.X. Ji

Analysis of Electric Powertrain Application to Drive an Inland Waterway Barges
A. Łebkowski

The Literature Review: Bunkering and Bunkering Decisions
C. Sevgili & Y. Zorba

Gases Emission, Water Pollution and Environmental Protection

Coastal Dynamics and Danger of Chemical Pollution of Southeast Sector of the Azov Sea
N.A. Bogdanov, A.N. Paranina & R. Paranin

A New Vision to Monitoring Tank Cleaning
M. Panaitescu, F.V. Panaitescu, V.A. Panaitescu & L. Martes

Oil Spill Modelling with Pisces II Around Bay of Izmir
A.C. Töz, B. Koseoglu & C. Sakar

Evaluating Air Emission Inventories and Indicators from Ferry Vessels at Ports
G. De Melo Rodríguez, J.C. Murcia-González, E. Martín-Alcalde & S. Saurí

The Structural Types of Oil Spill Response Organizations: the Comparisons of Countries on Oil Spill Response Operations
E. Kan, A.C. Töz, T. Olgaç, O. Bayazit & Ö. Tezcan

The Concept of "Green Ship": New Developments and Technologies
E. Çakır, C. Sevgili, R. Fışkın & A.Y. Kaya

Noise Reduction in Railway Traffic as an Element of Greening of Transport
J. Kozyra, Z. Łukasik & A. Kuśmińska-Fijałkowska

Noise in Road Transport as a Problem in European Dimension
A. Kuśmińska-Fijałkowska, Z. Łukasik & J. Kozyra

Occupational Accidents

Investigation of Occupational Accidents on Board with Fuzzy AHP Method
Ü. Özdemir, I. Altinpinar & F.B. Demirel

A Research on Occupational Accidents Aboard Merchant Ships
E. Çakır & S. Paker

Supply Chain of Blocks and Spare Parts

Simulation-based Modeling of Block Assembly Area at Shipyards
M. Özkök & İ.H. Helvacıoğlu

Exploring the Potential of 3D Printing of the Spare Parts Supply Chain in the Maritime Industry
E. Kostidi & N. Nikitakos

Modelling of Short Sea Shipping Tanker in Black Sea
E. Kose, M. Özkök, E. Demirci & E. Peşman

Electrotechnical Problems

The Impact of Electromagnetic Interferences on Transport Security System of Certain Reliability Structure
P. Dziula & J. Pas

Increasing Energy Efficiency of Commercial Vessels: by Using LED Lighting Technology
E. Eyüboğlu, S. Yıldız, Ö. Uğurlu, U. Yıldırım & F.B. Demirel

Electromagnetic Compatibility of the Radio Devices in Maritime Shipping
Z. Łukasik, T. Ciszewski, Z. Olczykowski & J. Wojciechowski

Universal Recuperation System of Electricity from the Exhaust System of an Internal Combustion Engine as the Engine of Small Capacity
P. Olszowiec, M. Luft & Z. Łukasik

A New Innovative Turbocharger Concept Numerically Tested and Optimized with CFD
L.C. Stan

Study of Green Shipping Hybrid Diesel-Electric New Generation Marine Propulsion Technologies
G. Rutkowski

Ships Stability and Loading Strength

Assessment of the Realistic Range of Variation of Ship Equivalent Metacentric Height Governing Synchronous Roll Frequency
P. Krata & W. Wawrzyński

Buckling Strength of Rectangular Plates with Elastically Restrained Edges Subjected to In-plane Impact Loading
B. Yang & D.Y. Wang

Cargo Loading and Port Operations

A Comparison of Loading Conditions Effects on the Vertical Motions of Turret-Moored FPSO
S.A. Erkurtulmus, E. Peşman & H. Copuroglu

The Analysis of Container Vessel Service Efficiency in the Aspect of Berth and Handling Equipment Usage in Polish Ports
A. Kaizer, L. Smolarek, E. Ziajka & K. Krośnicka

Development Investments at Container Terminals in the Case of Cargo Congestion
M. Truszczyński & A. Pezała

Maritime Education and Training (MET)

Innovation Methods of Assessment and Examination System for Universities Engaged in Bologna Process
I. Sharabidze

Effects of Deck Cadets’ Working Conditions on Quantity and Perceived Quality of Sleep Among Marine Science Students
H. Yılmaz, E. Başar & A. Ayar

Online Learning Technology in the Academic Educational Process
L.C. Stan, R. Hanzu-Pazara & A. Duse

Human Factor, Crew Manning and Seafarers Problems

Underlying Causes of and Potential Measures to Reduce Long-term Sick Leave Among Employees in the Service Department on Board Swedish Passenger Vessels
G. Praetorius, C. Österman & C. Hult

Human Reliability Analysis of a Pilotage Operation
J. Ernstsen, S. Nazir & B.K. Roed

Supporting Seafarer and Family Well-being in the Face of Traumatic Events: A Before, During and After Model
A. Dimitrevich, S. Welch, V. Torskiy & D.C. Seyle

Grey List Danger of Turkish Flagged Vessels
U. Yıldırım, Ö. Uğurlu & S. Yıldız

Finding a Balance: Companies and New Seafarers Generation Needs and Expectations
V. Senčila & G. Kalvaitienė

On the Connection between Teamwork and Political Correctness Competence Provision for the Seafarers
Z. Bezhanovi, N. Vasadze, M. Abashidze & L. Khardina

Evaluation of Occupational Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Romanian Seafarers
L. Hanzu-Pazara, R. Hanzu-Pazara & G. Raicu

Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis of Introducing Free Public Transport
J. Mikulski

Economic Analysis of A Vessel In Service Equipped with an LNG Fueled Ship Engine
M. Bayraktar & M. Nuran

Mathematical Models, Methods and Algorithms

Safety Analysis of a New and Innovative Transhipping Concept: a Comparison of two Bayesian Network Models
L. Clarke, G. Macfarlane, I. Penesis, J. Duffy, S. Matsubara & R. Ballantyne

Extensions of the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem to Transfer Matrices of Linear Systems
T. Kaczorek

A Method of Assessing the Safety of Technical Systems of the Ship
W. Nowakowski, Z. Łukasik & J. Wojciechowski

Reliability Assessment of Vessel’s Main Engine by Combining Markov Analysis Integrated with Time Dependent  Failures
M. Anantharaman, F. Khan, V. Garaniya & B. Lewarn

Method of Vehicle Routing Problem with Fuzzy Demands
T. Neumann


Logistical Approach to a Fishing-Industrial Complex Functioning
S.S. Moyseenko & L.E. Meyler

The Effects of Burnout Level on Job Satisfaction: an Application on Fishermen
M. Buber & A.C. Töz

Legal Aspects

Legal Issues Concerning the UN Convention on the Conditions for Registration of Ships (1986)
E. Xhelilaj, K. Lapa & L. Danaj

Development of Competencies when Taking into Consideration Nowadays Challenges Inside Organizations
A. Duse, C. Varsami, R. Hanzu-Pazara, P. Arsenie & L. Hanzu-Pazara

Investigation of the Piracy Causes: an Quantitative Research
Ü. Özdemir & M.S. Cetin

The Lusitania Tragedy: Crime or Conspiracy?
E. Doyle


Current Challenges within Security Systems at International Airports
G. Nowacki & B. Paszukow

Ecological Aspects Associated with an Operation of Aviation Electronic Support Systems
M. Dzunda, D. Cekanova, L. Cobirka, P. Zak & P. Dzurovcin 

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Adam Weintrit, Full Professor, DSc, PhD, FRIN, FNI, Master Mariner, is head of the Navigational Department (since 2003) and Dean of the Faculty of Navigation (2008-2016) of the Gdynia Maritime University, Poland. He received his M.Sc degree from Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Navigation (1985), DSc and PhD degree (1992) and habilitation degree (2004) from Warsaw Technical University, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography. He has over 30 years’ experience in teaching and research works in the field of maritime navigation, sea transport, telematics, geomatics, hydrography, cartography, geodesy and safety at sea.

Adam has published more than 280 reports and papers in journals and conference proceedings and is the author of 18 books on navigation, including 5 handbooks on ECDIS and electronic charts and co-editor of 15 monographs. He is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal ofn Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (TransNav). 

Tomasz Neumann is Assistant Professor at the Gdynia Maritime University, Poland. He received his M. Sc. degree from the University of Gdansk in 2007. He has co-authored several books on marine navigation and maritime transportation with Adam Weintritt and is Associate Editor of the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (TransNav).