1st Edition

Sage, Saint and Sophist Holy Men and Their Associates in the Early Roman Empire

By Graham Anderson Copyright 1994
    by Routledge

    302 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Holy men, both pagan and Christian are persistent and puzzling figures in the religious life of the Roman Empire. In this first historical study of Holy Men for more than half a century, Dr Anderson applies techniques of literary analysis to throw light on the lifestyles and behaviour of these figures, from Jesus Christ to Peregrinus Proteus to dio Chrysostom, stressing their individuality as much as their common features.
    Sage, Saint and Sophist examines the variety of services, real or imaginary, that these colouful figures had to offer and how they maintained their credibility to become the objects of successful religious cults.

    Chapter 1 Concepts; Chapter 2 Viewpoints; Chapter 3 Patterns; Chapter 4 Wisdom; Chapter 5 Acclamation; Chapter 6 Action; Chapter 7 Alliance; Chapter 8 Opposition; Chapter 9 Authority; Chapter 10 Travel; Chapter 11 Representation; Chapter 12 Prestige; Chapter 13 Progress; Chapter 14 Epilogue;


    Graham Anderson

    DO NOT USE THIS QUOTE IN ANY PUBLICITY. We received an annoyed letter from the publication because the review also contained damning criticism.`Graham Anderson investigates the roles of charlatans, magicians, soothsayers and `wise men' in the first centuries AD ... As a kaleidoscopic picture of superstition, gullibility, and manipulation of the credulous this is brilliant. ... readable and well-documented stimulating and useful study.' - Expository Times.