1st Edition

Scale Effects in Rock Masses 93

Edited By A. Pinto da Cunha Copyright 1993

    The proceedings of the 2nd International Scale Effects in Rock Masses, held in Lisbon, June 25, 1993. The text includes coverage of scale effects in the determination of the deformability and strength of rock masses and scale effects in the determination of internal rock masses.

    Preface -- Organization -- Special lectures -- Scale effects in rock engineering - An overview of the Loen Workshop and other recent papers concerning scale effects /A.Pinto da Cunha -- The scale dependency of in situ rock stress measurements /F.D.Cuisiat & B.C.Haimson -- Scale effects in rock masses - A general report on the papers submitted to the Lisbon Workshop /A. Pinto da Cunha -- 1 Scale effects in the determination of the defo rmability and strength of rock masses -- Scale effects in the elastic moduli and strength of jointed rock masses /H.-K.Moon & C.-Y.Kim -- Scale invariance in stochastic fracture of rocks /V.V.Silberschmidt -- Two types of brittle fracture of silicate rocks and scale effect on rock strength: Their implications in the earth's crust /M.Shimada -- The cutting constant of the rock does not depend on scale effect and rockmass jointing /V.Krupa, F.Krepelka, J.Bejda & P.lmrich -- Influence of size of cutting indentor and scale effect in rock mass strength determination /F.Krepelka, P.lmrich & V.Krupa -- Scale effects in hollow cylinder tests /C.Ringstad, M.A.Addis, I.Brevik & F.J.Santarelli -- Fractal clustering of rock fractures and its modeling using cascade process /H.Yamamoto, K.Kojima & H.Tosaka -- A case review of the deformation modulus of rock mass: Scale effect /J.He -- Scale effects on underground openings according to their constructional sequences /K.Fukushima -- Scale effect on rock mass strength and stability /G.E.Exadaktylos & C.E.Tsoutrelis -- Effect of scale on roughness anisotropy and magnitude /J.P.Harrison & R.J.F.Goodfellow -- Scale effect assessment on the basis of mine surveying data /M.A.Iofis -- Experimental and analytical studies on mechanical properties of layered soft rock mass /Y.Miyaike, N.Mizuno, Y.Momose & J.Nakamura -- Progressive failure of rock masses by a self similar anastomosing process of rupture at all scales and its scale effect on their shear strength /G.Archambault, A Rouleau, R.Daigneault & R.Flamand -- Scale effects on shear strength and deformability of rock joints /R.Yoshinaka, J.Yoshida, H.Arai & S.Arisaka -- Scale effects in the 'micro-scale' rock mechanics problems /R.Mancini, M.Cardu, M.Fornaro & M.Linares -- Different scale elastic wave velocity variations under technogene impact /AL Savich, M.M.Ilyin & O.V.Kozlov -- Shear strength scale effect and the geometry of single and repeated rock joints /Y.Ohnishi, H.Herda & R.Yoshinaka -- Size-scale dependence of mechanical properties: A method of quantitative evaluation /J.F.Schatz -- Scale factor in rock masses as affected by geological conditions /A.Varga -- In-situ loading tests using the large-sized concrete block for weathered granite /R.Yoshinaka, T.Endo, N.Nomura & K.Yamagishi -- Rock mass sampling conditions needed to overcome the scale effect /M.l.Leal Gomes -- On the effect of block size on the shear behaviour of jointed rock masses /A.A.AI-Harthi & S.R.Hencher -- The definition of intact rock and its application to the determination of the smallest spacing between discontinuities in rock masses /L.A.Ayres da Silva & H.Born -- A methodology for rock mass compressive strength characterization from laboratory tests /l.A.Ayres da Silva & W.T.Hennies -- Scale effect in rock axial splitting /V.N.Odintsev -- Scale dependent shear strength of rock joints /S.R.Hencher, J.P.Toy & A.C.Lumsden -- Studies of scale effect in plate loading tests /l.Miofis & V.l.Rechitski -- Scale effect in the deformational behaviour between convergence measurements and borehole jacking through joint stiffness /C.Tanimoto, K.Kishida & H.Yoshida -- Assessing limestone strength with the point load test /M.O.Quinta Ferreira & A.P.Gerardo Machado -- Scale effects on the deformability of jointed rock at the three-dimensional level /P.H.S.W.Kulatilake, S.Wang & O.Stephansson -- Size effect on strength and deformability of brittle intact rock /S.Kramadibrata & L.O.Jones -- Research on scale effects in the determination of rock mass mechanical properties The Portuguese experience /A.Pinto da Cunha -- 2 Scale effects in the determination of internal stresses in rock masses -- Stress measurements and micro-heterogeneity effects /R.Corthesy, D.E.Gill, M.R.Leite & A.Nefzaoui -- 3 Scale effects in the determination of hydraulic properties of rock masses -- Characteristics of seepage flow through the actual rock joints /K.Kikuchi & Y.Mito -- Scale effects in hydraulic properties determined by in-situ 3-D tests /E.F.de Quadros & D.Correa Filho -- Fracture scale effects in hydrocarbon reservoirs /Kl.Heifer & N.C.Koutsabeloulis -- Investigations of the groundwater transport characteristics of a large fracture zone in a granite batholith at different size scales /C0C.Davison, L.H.Frost, E.T.Kozak, N.W.Scheier & C.D.Martin -- 4 Supplement -- Fracture properties from laboratory and large scale field tests: Evidence of scale effects /J.E.Gale -- Author index.


    National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (INEC), Lisbon, Portugal.