1st Edition

School Effectiveness And School-Based Management A Mechanism For Development

By Yin Cheong Cheng Copyright 1996

    The aim of this book is to bridge the widening gap between ongoing educational reforms and the lack of advances in knowledge, research and practice. Included is a description of new mechanisms in fields such as leadership, staff development and curriculum change.

    Part 1 School effectiveness: school functions and school effectiveness; models of school effectiveness; a dynamic perspective of school effectiveness. Part 2 School-based management: the theory of school-based management; self-management at multiple levels; a school-based management mechanism for development. Part 3 Practice: leadership for the school- based management mechanism; management of school-based staff development; management of school-based curriculum change; management of school-based change; conclusion - the future of research on school effectiveness and school-based management.


    Yin Cheong Cheng