Scott-Brown's Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery : Volume 3: Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery book cover
8th Edition

Scott-Brown's Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Volume 3: Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery

ISBN 9781138094642
Published September 26, 2018 by CRC Press
1428 Pages

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Book Description

This third volume in Scott-Brown's Otorhinolaryngology 8e covers the sub specialty areas of Head and Neck Surgery, and Plastic Surgery. It is available either as a single volume specialty reference book, or as part of the classic and authoritative 3 volume " Scott-Brown" set.

Edited by renowned experts, and including chapter contributions from leading clinicians, Volume 3 Head and Neck and Plastic Surgery is current, authoritative, and of wide clinical application.

Table of Contents


Section 1 Head and Neck

1: History

Patrick J. Bradley

2: Aetiology of head and neck cancer

Pablo H. Montero, Snehal G. Patel and Ian Ganly

3: Epidemiology of head and neck cancer

Kristen B. Pytynia, Kristina R. Dahlstrom and Erich M. Sturgis

4: Staging of head and neck cancer

Nicholas J. Roland

5: The changing face of cancer information

Richard Wight

6: Introducing molecular biology of head and neck cancer

Nikolina Vlatković and Mark T. Boyd

7: Nasal cavity and paranasal sinus malignancy

Cyrus Kerawala, Peter Clarke and Kate Newbold

8: Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Raymond King-Yin Tsang and Dora Lai-Wan Kwong

9: Benign salivary gland tumours

Jarrod Homer and Andy Robson

10: Malignant tumours of the salivary glands

Vincent Vander Poorten and Patrick J. Bradley

11: Tumours of the parapharyngeal space

Suren Krishnan

12: Oral cavity tumours including lip reconstruction

Tim Martin and Omar A. Ahmed

13: Oropharyngeal tumours

Terry M. Jones with Mererid Evans

14: Tumours of the larynx

Vinidh Paleri, Stuart Winter, Hannah Fox and Nachi Palaniappan

15: Rehabilitation after total laryngectomy

Yvonne Edels and Peter Clarke

16: Management of hypopharyngeal cancer

Prathamesh Pai, Deepa Nair, Sarbani Ghosh Laskar and Kumar Prabhash

17: Neck metastases from an unknown primary

Ricard Simo, Jean-Pierre Jeannon and Maria Teresa Guerrero Urbano

18: Metastatic neck disease

Vinidh Paleri and James O’Hara

19: Principles and practice of radiotherapy in head and neck cancer

Sara Meade and Andrew Hartley

20: Quality of life and survivorship in head and neck cancer

Simon Rogers and Steve Thomas

21: Palliative care for head and neck cancer

Catriona R. Mayland and John E. Ellershaw

22: Transoral laser microsurgery

Mark Sayles, Stephanie L. Koonce, Michael L. Hinni and David G. Grant

23: Anatomy as applied to transoral surgery

Mark Puvanendran and Andrew Harris

24: Chemotherapy

Charles G. Kelly

25: Cysts and tumours of the bony facial skeleton

Julia A. Woolgar and Gillian L. Hall

26: Head and neck pathology

Ram Moorthy, Adrian T. Warfield and Max Robinson

27: Open conservation surgery for laryngeal cancer

Volkert Wreesman, Jatin Shah and Ian Ganly

28: Measures of treatment outcomes

Helen Cocks, Raghav C. Dwivedi and Aoife M. I. Waters

29: Applications of robotics in head and neck practice

Chris Holsinger, Chafeek Tomeh and Eric M. Genden

30: Biologically targeted agents in head and neck cancers

Kevin J. Harrington and Magnus T. Dillon

31: Prosthetic rehabilitation of head and neck defects

Chris Butterworth

32: Multidisciplinary team working

Andrew Davies, Nigel Beasley and David Hamilton

33: Nutritional considerations

Rachael Donnelly, Susannah Penney, Sian Lewis, Lesley Freeman and Pippa Lowe

34: Speech voice and swallow rehabilitation after chemoradiation

Justin W.G. Roe and Katherine A. Hutcheson

35: Surgical anatomy of the neck

Laura Warner, Christopher Jennings and John C. Watkinson

36: Clinical examination of the neck

James O’Hara

37: Imaging of the neck

Ivan Zammit-Maempel

38: Neck trauma

Andrew J. Nicol and Johannes J. Fagan

39: Benign neck disease

Ricard Simo, Jean-Pierre Jeannon and Enyinnaya Ofo

40: Neck space infections

James W. Moor

41: Anatomy and embryology of the mouth and dentition

Barry K.B. Berkovitz

42: Benign oral and dental disease

Konrad S. Staines and Alexander Crighton

43: Salivary gland anatomy

Stuart Winter and Brian Fish

44: Physiology of the salivary glands

Mriganke De and T. Singh

45: Imaging of the salivary glands

Daren Gibson and Steve Colley

46: Non-neoplastic salivary gland diseases

Stephen R. Porter, Stefano Fedele and Valeria Mercadante

47: Anatomy of the pharynx and oesophagus

Joanna Matthan and Vinidh Paleri

48: Physiology of swallowing

Joanne Patterson and Stephen McHanwell

49: Causes and assessment of dysphagia and aspiration

Helen Cocks and Jemy Jose

50: Functional investigations of the upper gastrointestinal tract

Joanne Patterson and Jason Powell

51: Pharyngitis

Sharan Jayaram and Conor Marnane

52: Cricopharyngeal dysphagia

Nimesh N. Patel and T. Singh

53: Oesophageal diseases

Shajahan Wahed and S. Michael Griffin

54: Neurological disease of the pharynx

Kim Ah-See and Miles Bannister

55: Rehabilitation of swallowing disorders

Maggie-Lee Huckabee and Sebastian Doeltgen

56: Chronic aspiration

Guri S. Sandhu and Khalid Ghufoor

57: Temporomandibular joint disorders

Andrew Sidebottom

58: Anatomy of the larynx and tracheobronchial tree

Nimesh N. Patel and Shane Lester

59: Physiology of the larynx

Lesley Mathieson and Paul Carding

60: Voice and speech production

Paul Carding and Lesley Mathieson

61: Assessment and examination of the larynx

Jean-Pierre Jeannon and Enyinnaya Ofo

62: Evaluation of the voice

Julian A. McGlashan

63: Structural disorders of the vocal cords

Yakubu Gadzama Karagama and Julian A. McGlashan

64: Functional disorders of the voice

Paul Carding

65: The professional voice

Declan Costello and Meredydd Harries

66: Speech and language therapy for voice disorders

Marianne E. Bos-Clark and Paul Carding

67: Phonosurgery

Abie Mendelsohn and Marc Remacle

68: Movement disorders of the larynx

Declan Costello and John S. Rubin

69: Acute infections of the larynx

Sanjai Sood, Karan Kapoor and Richard Oakley

70: Chronic laryngitis

Kenneth MacKenzie

71: Contemporary management of laryngotracheal trauma

Carsten E. Palme, Malcolm A. Buchanan, Shruti Jyothi, Faruque Riffat, Ralph W. Gilbert and Patrick Gullane

72: Upper airway obstruction and tracheostomy

Paul Pracy and Peter Conboy

73: Physiology of sleep and sleep disorders

John O’Reilly

74: Obstructive sleep apnoea: Medical management

Dev Banerjee

75: The surgical management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea

Bhik Kotecha and Mohammed Reda Elbadawey

76: Laryngotracheal stenosis in adults

Guri S. Sandhu and S.A. Reza Nouraei

77: Reflux disease

Mark G. Watson and Kim Ah-See

78: Paralysis of the larynx

Lucian Sulica and Babak Sadoughi

79: Outpatient laryngeal procedures

Matthew Stephen Broadhurst

Section 2 Plastic Surgery

80: Rhinoplasty following nasal trauma

Charles East

81: Pre-operative assessment for rhinoplasty

Hesham Saleh and Catherine Rennie

82: External rhinoplasty

Santdeep Paun

83: Revision rhinoplasty

Claudia Rudack and Gerhard Rettinger

84: Aesthetic dorsal reduction rhinoplasty

Julian M. Rowe-Jones

85: Nasal reconstruction

Ullas Raghavan

86: Pinnaplasty

Victoria Harries and Simon Watts

87: Blepharoplasty

Brian Leatherbarrow

88: Surgical rejuvenation of the ageing face

Gregory S. Dibelius, John M. Hilinski and Dean M. Toriumi

89: Non-surgical rejuvenation of the ageing face

Lydia Badia, Peter Andrews and Sajjad Rajpar

90: History of reconstructive surgery

Ralph W. Gilbert and John C. Watkinson

91: Grafts and local flaps in head and neck cancer

Kenneth Kok and Nicholas White

92: Pedicled flaps in head and neck reconstruction

Ralph W. Gilbert and John C. Watkinson

93: Reconstructive microsurgery in head and neck surgery

John C. Watkinson and Ralph W. Gilbert

94: Benign and malignant conditions of the skin

Murtaza Khan and Agustin Martin-Clavijo

95: Facial reanimation surgery

Demetrius Evriviades and Nicholas White

96: Partial and total ear construction

Cher Bing Chuo

97: A combined prosthetic and surgical approach

Hitesh Koria, M. Stephen Dover and Steve Worrollo

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Edited by

John C Watkinson MSc (Nuclear Medicine; London). MS (London). FRCS (General Surgery). FRCS(ENT). DLO.

One-Time Honorary Senior Lecturer and Consultant ENT/Head and Neck and Thyroid Surgeon. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University of Birmingham NHS Trust and the Royal Marsden and Brompton Hospitals, Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, UK.

Currently Honorary Consultant ENT/Head and Neck and Thyroid Surgeon. Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and St Georges Hospital NHS Trust, Tooting, London.

Honorary Senior Anatomy Demonstrator, University College London (UCL).

Business Director, Endocrine MDT. The Bupa Cromwell Hospital, Kensington, London.

Raymond W Clarke BA, BSc, DCH, FRCS, FRCS(ORL)

Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist, Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital, Liverpool UK, Senior Lecturer and

Associate Dean, University of Liverpool, UK

Section Editors

Vindh Peleri .Terry M Jones.Timothy Woolfard. Nicholas White