1st Edition

Seafarer & Community Towards a Social Understanding of Seafaring

Edited By Peter H. Fricke Copyright 1973

    Seafarer & Community (1973) examines life on shipboard and how the communities which rely on the sea for their livelihood exist. The main theme running through the chapters in this book is the observation of seafaring as an occupational community, as observed by anthropologists, economists, geographers, psychologists, seafarers and sociologists. The book explores the nature of seafaring communities, and asks whether they exist as communities in their own right or if they are occupational subgroups within a larger community. It also examines the psychological impact on seafarers of working within the closed communities of ships, and analyses the problems of training and recruitment.

    1. Seafarer and Community Peter H. Fricke  2. The Development of Shetland Fisheries and Fishing Communities Hance D. Smith  3. A Sociological Study of an Italian Community of Fishermen Bernardo Cattarinussi  4. Resource Management and Spatial Competition in Newfoundland Fishing: An Exploratory Essay Raoul Andersen and R. Geoffrey Stiles  5. The Parameters of Psychological Autonomy of Industrial Trawler Crews Jan Horbulewicz  6. A Possible Perspective on Deprivation Bryan Nolan  7. Some Problems Associated with the Selection and Training of Deck and Engineer Cadets in the British Merchant Navy Warren H. Hopwood  8. External Control and Organisational Adaptability: American, British and Spanish Merchant Marine Academies William R. Rosengren and Michael S. Basis  9. Family and Community: The Environment of the Ship’s Officer Peter H. Fricke


    Peter H. Fricke