4th Edition

Seapower A Guide for the Twenty-First Century

By Geoffrey Till Copyright 2018
    476 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    476 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This is the fourth, revised and updated, edition of Geoffrey Till's Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-first Century.

    The rise of the Chinese and other Asian navies, worsening quarrels over maritime jurisdiction and the United States’ maritime pivot towards the Asia-Pacific region reminds us that the sea has always been central to human development as a source of resources, and as a means of transportation, information-exchange and strategic dominion. It has provided the basis for mankind's prosperity and security, and this is even more true in the early twenty-first century, with the emergence of an increasingly globalised world trading system. Navies have always provided a way of policing, and sometimes exploiting, the system. In contemporary conditions, navies, and other forms of maritime power, are having to adapt, in order to exert the maximum power ashore in the company of others and to expand the range of their interests, activities and responsibilities. While these new tasks are developing fast, traditional ones still predominate. Deterrence remains the first duty of today’s navies, backed up by the need to ‘fight and win’ if necessary. How navies and their states balance these two imperatives will tell us a great deal about our future in this increasingly maritime century. This book investigates the consequences of all this for the developing nature, composition and functions of all the world's significant navies, and provides a guide for anyone interested in the changing and crucial role of seapower in the twenty-first century.

    Seapower is essential reading for all students of naval power, maritime security and naval history, and highly recommended for students of strategic studies, international security and international relations.

    Preface. 1. In Search of Seapower 2. Seapower in a Globalising World: Alternative Futures 3. Who Said What and Why it Matters 4. The Constituents of Seapower 5. Navies and Technology 6. Command of the Sea and Sea Control 7. Securing Sea Control 8. Exploiting Command of the Sea: The Control of Maritime Communications 9. Exploiting Command of the Sea: Operations from the Sea 10. Expeditionary Operations 11. Maintaining Good Order at Sea: Maritime Security at Home and Away, Challenges 12. Maintaining Good Order at Sea: Maritime Security at Home and Away, Responses  13. Naval Diplomacy 14. Generating Maritime Power. Bibliography


    Geoffrey Till is a recognised authority on maritime strategy past and present. Formerly Dean of Academic Studies at the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College, he is currently Professor Emeritus of Maritime Studies in the Defence Studies Department and Chairman of the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy, King's College London. 

    Praise for the 3rd edition:

    'This new edition of Seapower maintains the standards of its predecessors as the standard work on contemporary maritime strategy. Everyone who wishes to remain up to date in the subject must read it.' -- Eric Grove, University of Salford, UK

    'Seapower is one of those books I keep within arm's reach. No one who does business in great waters, or makes policy pertaining to the sea, should be without a copy.' -- James Holmes, US Naval War College

    '...like its previous two incarnations, Geoffrey Till's Seapower ...is quite simply the standard work on the profession of arms at sea.' -- The Naval Review

    'For both the novice and the seasoned professional returning to the subject of maritime strategy after a lapse of time, Geoffrey Till's Seapower is just the book with which to focus on this subject, understand the broad principles involved, and learn of the challenges ahead.' -- John Hattendorf, Naval War College Review

    Reviews of previous editions:

    'A powerful combination of plain English and an innate ability to break down the component parts of a complex subject into a readily digestible form before leading the reader gently through the ensuing maze.' -- The Naval Review 

    'A definitive study of the role of seapower, past, present and future.' -- Parliamentary Maritime Review

    ‘A landmark work ... Till's excellent book will dominate maritime reading lists for years to come.’ - Colin S. Gray, RUSI Journal

    "A tour de force, a milestone work and essential professional reading." - Ship's Telegraph (Ministry of Defence)

    "In all, Seapower is very probably the best single work on sea power and maritime strategy to have been published for many years." - Journal of the Australian Naval Institute

    "If you happen to be teaching a course on sea power, it would be the perfect basic text." - USNI Proceedings

    "A comprehensive look at the political and military significance of the oceans in the new century…has much to offer students and the general public as well." - The Mariner’s Mirror

    "Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-First Century is without doubt the best single publication on power in the maritime domain and naval strategy in general. It will remain a standard text book for those teaching naval strategy for many years to come. The book is a must read" Abel Esterhuyse, Scientia Militaria