1st Edition

Seismic Design and Practice into the Next Century Proceedings of the 6th SECED conference, Oxford, 26-27 March 1998

Edited By Edmund Booth Copyright 1998

    The papers, from 18 countries in Europe and elsewhere, contain discussions of quite radical innovations in material technology, design philosophy, experimental techniques and analytical approaches that will affect seismic design practice into the next century. Papers are organised into 9 sections: Ground motion and seismic hazard studies; Seismic design of foundations; Seismic design of steel, concrete and masonry buildings; Seismic design of offshore, nuclear and petrochemical installations; Seismic design of bridges, dock and power station structures; Repair and strengthening of bridges and buildings; Active and passive methods of seismic control; Dynamic testing methods; Seismic codes of practice. The proceedings will provide essential material for all those from both industrial and research organisations needing to keep in touch with the state-of-the-art in earthquake engineering and related earch sciences.


    EDMUND BOOTH Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics, London, UK