1st Edition

Selected Writings on the State and the Transition to Socialism

    412 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Underlying current controversies about environmental regulation are shared concerns, divided interests and different ways of thinking about the earth and our proper relationship to it. This book brings together writings on nature and environment that illuminate thought and action in this realm.

    PART I The Formative Years (1915-1921), Toward a Theory of the Imperialist State (1915), The Economics of the Transition Period, PART II The Years of Hope and Struggle (1921-1927), Introduction, The New Course in Economic Policy (1921), Toward a Critique of the Economic Platform of the Opposition (The Lessons of October 1923) (1925, A New Revelation Concerning the Soviet Economy or How to Destroy the Worker—Peasant Bloc (On the Question of the Economic Basis of Trotskyism) (1925), Concerning the New Economic Policy and Our Tasks (1925), The Road to Socialism and the Worker—Peasant Alliance (1925) PART III The Years of Disorientation and Defeat (1928—1929), Introduction, Notes of an Economist (At the Beginning of a New Economic Year) (1928) The Theory of "Organized Economic Disorder


    N. Bukharin (Author) ,  Richard B. Day (Author) ,  Stephen F. Cohen (Author) ,  Ken Coates (Author) ,  Richard B. Day (Author). Richard B. Day is a Professor of Political Economy at Erindale College, University of Toronto.