1st Edition

Serials Collection Management in Recessionary Times

Edited By Karen Lawson Copyright 2011

    Strategic planning, collaboration, continual stewardship, best practices, and re-engineering can provide librarians with a toolkit of innovative strategies that meets the worst of economic times with bold, persistent experimentation.

    This book covers the implications for libraries of a broad range of technological and economic challenges. These challenges include the fallout from the global economic crisis, the positioning of usage statistics, the advent of open access scholarship, database management, responding to budgetary constrictions and general access to serials.

    Taken as a whole, this collection provides practitioners in the library sector and in higher education with a wide variety of insights on the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities involved with serials collection management in recessionary times, written by academic librarians, vendors, publishers, fundraisers, and higher education professionals.

    This book was published as a special issue of The Serials Librarian.

    1. Introduction: Serials Collection Management in Recessionary Times: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats  Karen G. Lawson  2. The Global Economic Crisis: What Libraries and Publishers Can Do and Are Doing  Karen Hunter and Robert Bruning  3. Evaluating Usage and Impact of Networked Electronic Resources through Point-of-Use Surveys: a MINES for Libraries Study  Martha Kyrillidou, Terry Plum and Bruce Thompson  4. A Steep Part of the Landscape: Serials, Libraries, and the Challenges Faced by Higher Education  Patricia Maloney  5. Open Access Journals in College Library Collections  William H. Walters  6. Shared Digital Access and Preservation Strategies for Serials at the Center for Research Libraries  Bernard F. Reilly and James Simon  7. The Paper Divide  Wayne Pedersen  8. A Reprise, Or Round Three: Using a Database Management Program as a Decision Support System for the Cancellation of Serials  Judith M. Nixon  9. Assessing Your Vendors’ Viability  Virginia Kay Williams and Kathy Downes  10. All In This Together: a Subscription Vendor’s View  Allen Powell, Kittie Henderson and John Lumsden  11. So Poor We Can’t Even Pay Attention: Identifying Important Serials for Political Science During the Great Recession  Edward Goedeken  12. Managing Resources to Maximize Serials Access: The Case of the Small Liberal Arts College  Susan H. Zappen  13. Raising the Library Profile to Fight Budget Challenges  Lynda James-Gilboe  14. Thinking Outside of the Box: Fundraising During Economic Downturns  Carolyn Taylor  15. The View from the UK: the Economic Crisis and Serials Acquisitions on an Offshore Island  Tony Kidd


    Karen G. Lawson is the Associate Dean of Collections and Technical Services at the Iowa State University Library in Ames, IA, USA. She has written numerous articles on the subject of librarianship.