Sex Differences and Similarities in Communication  book cover
2nd Edition

Sex Differences and Similarities in Communication

ISBN 9780805851427
Published February 24, 2006 by Routledge
464 Pages

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Book Description

Sex Differences and Similarities in Communication offers a thorough exploration of sex differences in how men and women communicate, set within the context of sex similarities, offering a balanced examination of the topic. The contents of this distinctive volume frame the conversation regarding the extent to which sex differences are found in social behavior, and emphasize different theoretical perspectives on the topic. Chapter contributors examine how sex differences and similarities can be seen in various verbal and nonverbal communicative behaviors across contexts, and focus on communication behavior in romantic relationships. The work included here represents recent research on the topic across various disciplines, including communication, social psychology, sociology, linguistics, and organizational behavior, by scholars well-known for their work in this area.
In this second edition, some chapters present new perspectives on sex/gender and communication; others present substantially revised versions of earlier chapters. All chapters have a stronger theoretical orientation and are based on a wider range of empirical data than those in the first edition. Readers in communication, social psychology, relationships, and related fields will find much of interest in this second edition. The volume will serve as a text for students in advanced coursework as well as a reference for practitioners interested in research-based conclusions regarding sex differences in communicative behavior.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Part I: Framing Sex Differences and Similarities. K. Dindia, Men Are From North Dakota, Women Are From South Dakota. E. Aries, Gender Differences in Interaction: A Reexamination. P.H. Wright, Toward an Expanded Orientation to the Comparative Study of Women's and Men's Same-Sex Friendships. J.A. Hall, How Big Are Nonverbal Sex Differences? The Case of Smiling and Nonverbal Sensitivity. G.N. Powell, L.M. Graves, Gender and Leadership: Perceptions and Realities. M. Allen, K.S. Valde, Researching a Gendered World: The Intersection of Methodological and Ethical Concerns. Part II: Approaches to Sex Differences and Similarities. P.A. Anderson, The Evolution of Biological Sex Differences in Communication. B.R. Burleson, A.W. Kunkel, Revisiting the Different Cultures Thesis: An Assessment of Sex Differences and Similarities in Supportive Communication. A.H. Eagly, A.M. Koenig, Social Role Theory of Sex Differences and Similarities: Implication for Prosocial Behavior. M. Crawford, M.R. Kaufman, Sex Differences Versus Social Processes in the Construction of Gender. L. Di Mare, V.R. Waldron, Researching Gendered Communication in Japan and the United States: Current Limitations and Alternative Approaches. Part III: Sex Differences and Similarities in Communicative Behaviors. A. Mulac, The Gender-Linked Language Effect: Do Language Differences Really Make a Difference? L.K. Guerrero, S.M. Jones, R.R. Boburka, Sex Differences in Emotional Communication. J.K. Burgoon, J.P. Blair, D.B. Buller, P. Tilley, Sex Differences in Presenting and Detecting Deceptive Messages. A.E. Lindsey, W.R. Zakahi, Perceptions of Men and Women Departing From Conversational Sex-Role Stereotypes. P.J. Kalbfleisch, A.L. Herold, Sex, Power, and Communication. Part IV: Sex Differences and Similarities in Romantic Relationships. M.R. Trost, J.K. Alberts, How Men and Women Communicate Attraction: An Evolutionary View. P.A. Mongeau, M.C.M. Serewicz, M.L.M. Henningsen, K.L. Davis, Sex Differences in the Transition to a Heterosexual Romantic Relationship. D.J. Canary, J. Wahba, Do Women Work Harder Than Men at Maintaining Relationships? L.M. Sagrestano, C.L. Heavey, A. Christensen, Individual Differences Versus Social Structural Approaches to Explaining Demand-Withdraw and Social Influence Behaviors. J.T. Wood, Gender, Power, and Violence in Heterosexual Relationships. J.S. Hyde, Epilogue.

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