1st Edition

Sharing the Blue Crayon How to Integrate Social, Emotional, and Literacy Learning

By Mary Anne Buckley Copyright 2015

    Social and emotional learning is at the heart of good teaching, but as standards and testing requirements consume classroom time and divert teachers' focus, these critical skills often get sidelined. In Sharing the Blue Crayon , Mary Anne Buckley shows teachers how to incorporate social and emotional learning into a busy day and then extend these skills to literacy lessons for young children. Through simple activities such as read-alouds, sing-alongs, murals, and performances, students learn how to get along in a group, empathize with others, develop self-control, and give and receive feedback, all while becoming confident readers and writers. As Buckley shares, Every day we ask young children to respectfully converse, question, debate, and collaborate about literature, science, math problems, history, and more. That's sophisticated stuff and requires sophisticated skills. Social and emotional skills are essential to helping children communicate their knowledge and articulate their questions. We must teach students how to build respectful, caring classroom communities, where students are supported and fully engaged in the learning and everyone can reach their potential.- In this fresh and original book, Buckley captures the humor, wonder, honesty, and worries of our youngest learners and helps teachers understand how to harness their creativity and guide their conversations toward richer expressions of knowledge. Teachers of special populations will especially appreciate Buckley's successful strategies for reaching English language learners and children from high-poverty homes who may not have strong foundations for academic discourse. As Buckley reminds us, By understanding one another-;orally and socially at first, then using those community-building exchanges to strengthen the skills of reading and writing-;we experience the authentic pride and sweet joys of learning, understanding, and connecting to one another.-

    Introduction; Chapter 1: The Language of Learning; Chapter 2: Teaching Students Self-Regulation Skills; Chapter 3: The Friendship Workshop Format; Chapter 4: Extending Friendship Workshop to Literacy Lessons; Chapter 5: Getting Along: Being Part of a Group; Chapter 6: Empathy; Chapter 7: Kindness; Chapter 8: Peacefulness; Chapter 9: Responsibility; Chapter 10: Self-Control; Chapter 11: Perseverance; Chapter 12: Giving and Getting Feedback; Chapter 13: Transformation


    Mary Anne Buckley graduated from Vermont College and taught for eleven years at Bailey’s Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia, where, she says, “The innovative and passionate focus on creating powerful learning communities energized, challenged, and fulfilled me every day.” She now lives and teaches in upstate New York.