1st Edition

Shell Mechanics Theory and Applications

By Philippe Bisch Copyright 2023
    562 Pages 262 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book is devoted to shells, a natural or human construction, whose modelling as a structure was particularly developed during the 20th century, leading to current numerical models.

    Many objects, in industry or civil engineering, come under shell mechanics, so a good knowledge of their behaviour and modelling is essential to master their design.

    The book highlights the very strong link between the deformation of geometric surfaces and the mechanics of shells. The theory is approached in a general formulation that can apply to any surface, and the applications bring the concepts and the methods of resolution to practical situations. It aims to understand the behaviour of shells and to identify the most important parameters, thus allowing a good interpretation of the numerical results. The reader will be able, with finite element software, to reproduce the proposed solutions.

    The book is based on the knowledge acquired by the reader in structural mechanics and provides essential information on the geometry of surfaces. It is ideal for students in the fields of engineering using mechanics, as well as professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge of shells.

    1. Introduction to the Behaviour of Shells. 

    2. Elements of Tensorial Algebra and Analysis. 

    3. Deformation of Surfaces. 

    4. The Shell as a Surfacic Solid. 

    5. Shell as a Three-Dimensional Solid. 

    6. Equilibrium of Membrane Shells. 

    7. Plates in Flexion. 

    8. Shells in Bending. 

    9. Shell Finite Elements. 

    Appendix. Reading Tips. 


    Philippe Bisch is a professor at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in France and has worked as a design engineer and consultant for EGIS Industries. He is former President of the European Association of Earthquake Engineering and of the French Association for Earthquake Engineering, and is now chairman of the Eurocode 8 project.