1st Edition

Singapore Mandarin Grammar I

By Lu Jianming Copyright 2023
    516 Pages 75 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    As the first volume of a two-volume set that presents a comprehensive syntactical picture of Singapore Mandarin, this title discusses the distinguishing characteristics of the Chinese language and describes the grammar of Singapore Mandarin.

    The book first provides an overview of the grammar of Singapore Mandarin and compares it with Chinese Mandarin (Putonghua). As a variety of Mandarin Chinese, Singapore Mandarin is also characterised by syntactic rules taking precedence over morphological rules. Therefore, it is argued that word order and functional words are specifically important in the study of Singapore Mandarin. Then the author explicates the properties and functions of the following nine grammatical components: the five most basic phrase types, word classes, sentences, subjects and predicates, predicates and objects, predicates and complements, attributes and adverbials, complex predicate phrases, and prepositions and prepositional phrases.

    With rich and authentic language examples, the book will serve as a must-read for learners and teachers of Mandarin Chinese and linguistics scholars interested in global Chinese and especially Singapore Mandarin.

    1. Introduction  2. Five Basic Types of Phrase  3. Word Classes  4. Sentences  5. Subject and Predicates  6. Predicates and Objects  7. Predicates and Complements  8. Attributes and Adverbials  9. Complex Predicate Phrases  10. Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases


    Lu Jianming is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Chinese Department at Peking University, China. He has been teaching and researching on modern Chinese studies for more than 60 years and has served as President of the World Chinese Teaching Association and President of the International Chinese Linguistic Society.