1st Edition

Social Change in Modern Africa Studies Presented and Discussed at the First International African Seminar, Makerere College, Kampala, January 1959

Edited By Aidan Southall Copyright 1961
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1961, this book analyses economic changes in Africa and the restructuring of social relations to which this hs led. there are also detailed studies of the character of social changes in individual communities. There is a particular focus on changing kinship status and neighbourhood as the impact of modern economic conditions is felt in Tropical Africa.

    Part 1: Introductory Summary A. W. Southall

    1. Social Change, Demography, and Extrinsic Factors

    2. Norms and Status Symbols 3. Small Groups and Social Networks 4. Kinship, Tribalism and Family Authority

    5. The Position of women and the Stability of Marriage

    Part 2: Special Studies 1. Anthropological Problems Arising from the African Industrial Revolution M. Gluckman

    2. Social and Demographic Problems of the Southern Cameroons Plantation Area E. W. Ardener 3. Mombasa - A Modern Colonial Municipality Gordon Wilson 4. The Restructuring of Social Relationships M. Banton 5. Social Stratification in Gwelo W. B. Schwab

    6. Educated Africans: Some Conceptual and Terminological Problems J. E. Goldthorpe 

    7. An Expenditure Study of the Congolese Évolués of Leopoldville, Belgian Congo L. Baeck

    8. Mieux-Être et Promotion sociale chez les Salariés africains de Brazzaville M. R. Devauges

    9. Two Small Groups in Avenue 21: Some Aspects of the System of Social Relatins in a Remote Corner of Stanleyville, Belgian Congo V. Pons

    10. Kinship, Friendship and the Network of Relations in Kisenyi, Kampala A. W. Southall

    11. Labour Migration as a Positive Factor in the Continuity of Tonga Tribal Society J. van Velsen

    12. Kahama township, Western Province, Tanganyika R. G. Abrahams

    13. Parenté et Affinités ethniques dans l'écologie du 'Grand Quartier' de New-Bell, Douala M. R. Gouellain

    14. Changes in the Composition and Status of Kin Groups in Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia D. G. Bettison

    15. Trade and the Role of Wife in a Modern West African Town D. McCall

    16. Second Generation Migrants in Ghana and the Ivory Coast J. Rouch

    17. Family Life Among the Yoruba, Lagos, Nigeria A. Izzett

    18. Social Change and the Stability of African Marriage in Northern Rhodesia J. Clyde Mitchell


    Aidan Southall was a British cultural anthropologist recognised for his fieldwork in urban settings in post-war Africa. Often identified as a pioneer in the study of African cities, Southall is said to have played a significant role in the development of urban anthropology.