2nd Edition

Social Media Campaigns Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing

By Carolyn Mae Kim Copyright 2021
    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    226 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This new edition continues to give students a foundation in the principles of digital audience engagement and data metrics across platforms, preparing them to adapt to the quickly evolving world of digital media. It takes students through the processes of social listening, strategic design, creative engagement, and evaluation, with expert insights from social media professionals. Thoroughly updated, this second edition includes:

    • new strategies to guide students in the initial campaign planning phase

    • added content on influencers, social care teams, and newsjacking

    • coverage of research evaluation, the implications of findings, and articulating the ROI

    • expanded discussion of ethical considerations in campaign design and data collection and analysis.

    The book is suited to both undergraduate and post-graduate students as a primary text for courses in social/digital media marketing and public relations or a secondary text in broader public relations and marketing campaign planning and writing courses.

    Accompanying online resources include chapter reviews with suggestions for further resources; instructor guides; in-class exercises; a sample syllabus, assignments, and exams; and lecture slides. Visit www.routledge.com/9780367896201

    1. Introduction 

    2. Listening  

    3. Strategic Design  

    4. Creative Engagement 

    5. Implementation & Monitoring 

    6. Evaluation


    Carolyn Mae Kim is an associate professor of public relations at Biola University, USA. Her research specialties include credibility, digital strategy, media ecology and public relations education.

    "Dr. Kim’s Social Media Campaigns (2nd ed) offers a delightful guide for brands and companies to effectively use social media to connect and engage with stakeholders and audiences. Informed by recent research and infused with numerous real-world examples, this text is a must-read primer for anyone who is interested in digital strategic communications or looking to design data-driven social media campaigns." –Rita Linjuan Men, University of Florida, USA


    "The key strength of this book is its focus on using social media to build communities, cultivate relationships and generate engagement between brands and their followers. It is this attention to two-way communication and relationship-building that is the foundation of any successful social media campaign. Social Media Campaigns demonstrates Dr Kim's expertise as a leader in social media education." – Karen Sutherland, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia 


    "The first edition of Social Media Campaigns: Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing has been a go-to book for me and my students for years. In the new edition of Social Media Campaigns, Carolyn Mae Kim remains true to what I loved about the first edition: The emphasis on the importance of learning the timeless skill of strategic planning and helping readers develop a social mindset that prioritizes ethics, relationships, and critical thinking. In this text, Dr. Kim masterfully looks beyond the surface of changing trends and tools. She dives into how society and technology are fundamentally changing, artfully illustrating how organizations must adapt. Dr. Kim is an expert and leader in the social media space as an educator, scholar, and practitioner. I am continuously impressed by her ability to draw connections between the macro and the micro, to identify the implications for professional communicators, and to distill this knowledge into actionable steps for her readers. Whether you are picking up this book as a student learning strategic social media, as a new social media professional, or as seasoned practitioner, your copy will soon be filled with highlights, notes and dog ears. Bravo, Dr. Kim!" – Matthew J. Kushin, Shepherd University, USA


    "Carolyn Mae Kim’s Social Media Campaigns book is a must have for any professional and student entering the social media field. I have used Kim’s first edition in my advanced social media class for years at the University of Louisville, and I will be using this new edition immediately! It’s a great balance between research and practice in social media, which is refreshing and wonderful to see. Kim has made sure to discuss the importance of understanding not only what are the major platforms and characteristics to note in social media, but how we can use them strategically. This is a much-needed marketable skill for professionals and students to master entering the workplace in the 21st century, and this is captured throughout Kim’s Social Media Campaigns book. I highly recommend adding this new edition to your library – it’s a must have." –Karen Freberg, University of Louisville, USA