1st Edition

Social Sciences And Farming Systems Research Methodological Perspectives On Agricultural Development

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    by CRC Press

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    by CRC Press

    The publication of this book has required the cooperation of many people along the way. From its very conception, the project of bringing together experiences from ongoing Farming Systems Research projects has faced a problem of communication due to the dispersal of the participants. Dr. William Partridge and Lynne Goldstein were instrumental in the initial presentation of the symposium on Social Science participation in Farming Systems Research at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Ben Wallace has done an admirable job not only as editor but 8s a ilpoint m-an"- throughout the process or organizirig the conference and preparing the manuscript. He deserves credit tor expediting countless actMties that could never have otherwise been accomplished because of the vagaries or international mails and telecommunications.

    List of Tables -- List of Figures -- Foreword /Peter E. Hildebrand -- Acknowledgments -- Part I -- INTRODUCTION -- Chapter 1. Social Selence in farming systems research /Jeffrey R. Jones and Ben J. Wallace -- Part II -- CONCEPTS IN FARMING SYSTEMS RESEARCH -- Chapter 2. Anthropologist, biologist scientist and economist: the three musketeers or three stooges of farming systems research? /Robert E. Rhoades, Douglas E. Horton and Robert H. Booth -- Chapter 3. Basic vs. Applied Reaearch in Farming System: An Antbropologist's Appraisal /Stephen B. Brush -- Chapter 4. Developing Motional Technologies in a Farming System Research Context /James Chapman -- Part III -- CASE STUDIES IN ANNUAL CROP PRODUCTION -- Chapter 5. farming systems research as an alternative to cropping system research: an example from bangladesh /Ben J. Wallace and Ekramul Ahsan -- Chapter 6. Getting Marketing into Farming System Research: A Case Study from Western SUdan /Edward B. Reeves -- Chapter 7. Trials and Errors: Uq Farming System Reeearch in Agricultural Program for Women /Anita Spring -- Chapter 8. Farming System Research in Phalonibe. Malawi: the Limited Utility of High Yielding Varieties /Art Hansen -- Part IV -- CASE STUDIES IN LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION -- Chapter 9. Bvaluation of Tecbnological Alternatives for Small Farmers in Central America /Jeffrey R. Jones -- Chapter 10. Adaptation of Farming System Reeearch to the Study of pastoral production systems: The niger range and L1veBtock Project /John J. Curry, Jr. -- Part V -- CASE STUDIES IN AGROFORESTRY -- Chapter 11. Indigenous technology and Farming System Research: Agroforestry in the Indian Desert /Barry H. Michie -- Chapter 12. App1yling the PSR/E Approach In tbe Management of an AID Agroforestry Project /Edward Robins -- Part VI -- CONCLUSIONS -- Chapter 13. Social Science In FSR: Conclusions and Future Dlrections /Ben J. Wallace and Jeffrey R. Jones -- BIOGRAPHIES OF CONTRIBUTORS.