1st Edition

Social Work, Health, and International Development Compassion in Social Policy and Practice

Edited By Serge Dumont, Myreille St-Onge Copyright 2007
    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sharpen your social work in health care knowledge and skills

    Social Work, Health, and International Development: Compassion in Social Policy and Practice presents leading international experts from a range of disciplines providing the latest in research, theory, and practical solutions to advance social work in health care issues. Readers get a refreshed view on ways to put social policy into a compassionate and empathetic framework with strategies to more effectively meet today's challenges in social work and health care. This superb selection of papers from the Fourth International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health held in Quebec provides a unique perspective on social work and the development of a more compassionate world.

    Social Work, Health, and International Development: Compassion in Social Policy and Practice focuses on areas essential to every social worker no matter where they practice. The book explores the increased importance of compassion and solidarity among social workers, the essential need to effectively address the HIV/AIDS pandemic, strategies to more fully address aging issues, and best practices. The latest research findings and data are discussed to modify approaches and revitalize the field, all to help the world become a more caring, compassionate place.

    Topics in Social Work, Health, and International Development: Compassion in Social Policy and Practice include:

    • social work interventions to lead needy countries from health to economic growth
    • the concept of solidarity as a fundamental notion in social work
    • the need to revisit social work’s ethical foundations
    • cultural competence in responding to the HIV/AIDS pandemic
    • a comprehensive action plan to deal with HIV/AIDS
    • a study on grandparents’ caring for children of AIDS victims
    • multilevel interventions to promote elderly people’s mental health
    • forming partnerships that promote the diverse voices of older people
    • recognizing deficiencies to increase cultural competency in staff
    • “best practice” case management approach to improve patient adherence to care
    • Internet-based intervention for caregivers of persons with dementia
    • dyadic peer support pilot intervention for parents of children with lung disease
    • continual education for increased professional competence
    • much more!

    Social Work, Health, and International Development is invaluable reading for social workers, health practitioners, researchers, and clinicians.

    • PART I
    • Introduction: Social Work and the Development of a More Compassionate World; Experiences and Knowledge to Share (Serge Dumont and Myreille St-Onge)
    • The Fourth International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health Welcoming Remarks (Serge Dumont)
    • Compassion and Solidarity (Fr. Florenzo María Rigoni)
    • Ethical Preferences for the Clinical Practice of Empowerment Social Work (Karla Miley and Brenda DuBois)
    • Cultural Competence in HIV Prevention and Care: Different Histories, Shared Future (William Rowe)
    • We Care Don’t We? Social Workers, the Profession and HIV/AIDS (Nigel Hall)
    • An Investigation of the Practice of Unsafe Sex Yet Repeated HIV Testing (Naama Patinkin, Ben Werner, Israel Yust, Yaron Yagil, Margalit Drory, and Michael Burke)
    • Promoting the Psychosocial Health of the Elderly—The Role of Social Workers (Alice Ming-lin Chong)
    • Promoting Older People’s Voices—The Contribution of Social Work to Inter-Disciplinary Research (Jackie Powell)
    • PART II
    • Do Culturally Sensitive Services for Chinese In-Patients Make a Difference? (Joseph Ng, Svetlana Popova, Myra Yau, and Joanne Sulman)
    • Does Difference Matter? Diversity and Human Rights in a Hospital Workplace (Joanne Sulman, Marylin Kanee, Paulette Stewart, and Diane Savage)
    • Best Practice Case Management for Improved Medical Adherence (Betsy Vourlekis and Kathleen Ell)
    • Improvement of Return Rates in a Neonatal Hearing Screening Program: The Contribution of Social Work (Maria de Fátima de Campos Françozo, Juliana Cristina Fernandes, Maria Cecília Marconi Pinheiro Lima, and Tereza Ribeiro de Freitas Rossi)
    • Physicians’ Ability to Influence the Life-Style Behaviors of Diabetic Patients: Implications for Social Work (Revital Gross, Hava Tabenkin, Anthony Heymann, Miriam Greenstein, Ronit Matzliach, Avi Porath, and Basil (Boaz) Porter)
    • Perceptions of Online Support for Hospitalized Children and Adolescents (David B. Nicholas, Jane Darch, Ted McNeill, Leanne Brister, Kimberly O’Leary, Deborah Berlin, and Donna Koller)
    • Clinical Practice Standards and Ethical Issues Applied to a Virtual Group Intervention for Spousal Caregivers of People with Alzheimer’s (Julie Dergal Serafini, Thecla Damianakis, and Elsa Marziali)
    • An Evaluation of Dyadic Peer Support for Caregiving Parents of Children with Chronic Lung Disease Requiring Technology Assistance (David B. Nicholas and Krista Keilty)
    • Knowledge and Social Work in Health Care—The Case of Finland (Johanna Björkenheim)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Serge Dumont, Myreille St-Onge