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Socio-Legal Studies: Socio-Legal Studies

About the Series

The Socio-Legal Studies series consists of scholars, principally from the UK, Europe and North America, who contribute critical, analytical texts concerning the operation of Law in Society. Grounded in theory the books will examine practical issues of contemporary importance from a perspective which firmly locates law as a social science.

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Taxing Culture Towards a Theory of Tax Collection Law

Taxing Culture: Towards a Theory of Tax Collection Law

1st Edition

By Ann Mumford
July 03, 2017

The introduction of self-assessment for income tax collection in the late 1990s marked a striking moment of cultural convergence between the UK and the US. This book analyses the socio-political factors leading to and resulting from this fundamental change in the relationship between taxpayers and...

Comparing Legal Cultures

Comparing Legal Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By David Nelken
January 28, 1997

This volume cross-examines mainstream approaches to studying legal culture (e.g. those of Friedman and Blankenburg). It includes debates over the concept of legal culture and a variety of case studies of different legal cultures....

Law in Action Ethnomethodological and Conversation Analytic Approaches to Law

Law in Action: Ethnomethodological and Conversation Analytic Approaches to Law

1st Edition

By Max Travers, John F. Manzo
August 26, 2016

Ethnomethodologists and Conversation Analysts have always been interested in the study of law and legal institutions and there is now a large body of empirical studies, representing a range of analytic traditions in each field. This collection introduces this literature and the research questions ...

The Rule of Law after Communism Problems and Prospects in East-Central Europe

The Rule of Law after Communism: Problems and Prospects in East-Central Europe

1st Edition

By Martin Krygier, Adam Czarnota
November 10, 2016

This book is among the first books to consider post-communist Europe from the point of view of the rule of law. This book collects articles written by specialists on the rule of law in particular countries. Interdisciplinary in approach, this book reveals the multi-layered complexity of the ...

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