1st Edition

Soft Computing in Human-Related Sciences

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ISBN 9780849316357
Published April 29, 1999 by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

Hard boundaries have traditionally existed between such fields as fuzzy systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, chaotic systems and expert systems. Gradually those boundaries are tending to vanish and "soft computing"-based systems that mix these different approaches have begun to emerge.

Soft Computing Techniques in Human-Related Sciences focuses on the use of novel techniques such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms to solve practical problems related to humans: their activities, health and social needs.

This volume illustrates and presents in an organized manner some of the recent progress in the applications of soft computing to fields related to social science, medical science, psychology, psychiatry , management of health and community services, and humanoid robots.

Soft Computing Techniques in Human-Related Sciences begins with an introductory chapter to aid newcomers with the basic concepts, and progresses to the methodology of the use of soft computing in robotics, prosthetics, medicine, psycchology and man-machine interaction.

Table of Contents

Fuzzy Control Methodology: Basics and State of the Art, Toshio Fukuda and Nfaoyuki
Learning Eye-Arm Coordination Using Neural and Fuzzy Neural Techniques, Adrian Stoica
Learning Stiffness Characteristics of the Human Hand Using a Neuro-Fuzzy System, Alexander Iliesh and Abraham Kandel
Fuzzy Reduction Control of Acceleration and Vibration of a Stretcher-Cart on an Ambulance, Mikio Maeda and Shuta Murakami
Computational Intelligence for Medical Information Analysis and Refinement, Patrik Eklund, Lena Kallin, and Gustaf Seln
Intelligent Diagnostic Systems in Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Sinan Beksac, Ayden Erkmen, Sezer Aksel, Ugur Halici, Kemal Leblebicioglu, Meral Beksac, Volkan Atalay, and Lakhmi C. Jain
Wavelet Network with Convex Wavelets: Applications to Nonlinear System Modeling and Feature Extraction in Vectorcardiography, Eiji Uchino, Takashi Samatsu, and Takeshi Yamakawa
Features-Oriented Filtering of Biological Signals, Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu and Cristian Bonciu
An Emotion Processing System Based on Fuzzy Inference and Subjective Observations, Naruki Shirahama, Torao Yanaru, and Masahiro Nagamatsu
Fuzzy Methods in Nutrition Planning and Education and in Clinical Nutrition, Bernd Wirsam and Andreas Hahn
Designing Experiments for Medical Diagnosis Evaluation Using Membership Functions, Jose Luis Verdegay, and Alejandro Sancho-Royo

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