1st Edition

Solid-Liquid Thermal Energy Storage Modeling and Applications

Edited By Moghtada Mobedi, Kamel Hooman, Wen-Quan Tao Copyright 2022
    360 Pages 175 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    SolidLiquid Thermal Energy Storage: Modeling and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of solid–liquid phase change thermal storage. Chapters are written by specialists from both academia and industry. Using recent studies on the improvement, modeling, and new applications of these systems, the book discusses innovative solutions for any potential drawbacks.

    This book:

    • Discusses experimental studies in the field of solid–liquid phase change thermal storage
    • Reviews recent research on phase change materials
    • Covers various innovative applications of phase change materials (PCM) on the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources
    • Presents recent developments on the theoretical modeling of these systems
    • Explains advanced methods for enhancement of heat transfer in PCM

    This book is a reference for engineers and industry professionals involved in the use of renewable energy systems, energy storage, heating systems for buildings, sustainability design, etc. It can also benefit graduate students taking courses in heat transfer, energy engineering, advanced materials, and heating systems.

    Chapter 1 An Introduction to Solid–Liquid Thermal Energy Storage Systems

    Moghtada Mobedi, Kamel Hooman, and Wen-Quan Tao

    Chapter 2 Solid–Liquid Phase Change Materials for Energy Storage: Opportunities and Challenges

    A. Stamatiou, S. Maranda, L. J. Fischer, and J. Worlitschek

    Chapter 3 Experimental Techniques and Challenges in Evaluating the Performance of PCMs

    S. Mancin, M. Calati, and D. Guarda

    Chapter 4 Design Criteria for Advanced Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage SystemsChunrong Zhao and Kamel Hooman

    Chapter 5 Multi-Scale Modeling in Solid–Liquid Phase Change Conjugate Heat Transfer for Thermal Energy Storage Applications

    Qinlong Ren, Li Chen, Yu-Bing Tao, and Wen-Quan Tao

    Chapter 6 Latent Heat of Fusion and Applications of Silicon-Metal Alloys

    Ming Liu, Frank Bruno, Nikki Stanford, Peter Majewski, and Serge Bondarenko

    Chapter 7 Heat Transfer Augmentation of Latent Heat Thermal Storage Systems Employing Extended Surfaces and Heat Pipes

    B. Kamkari and L. Darvishvand

    Chapter 8 Fin-Metal Foam Hybrid Structure for Enhancing Solid–Liquid Phase Change

    Xiaohu Yang, Ming-Jia Li, and Kamel Hooman

    Chapter 9 Micro- and Nano-Encapsulated PCM Fluids

    M. Mehrali, M. Shahi, and A. Mahmoudi

    Chapter 10 Structural Classification of PCM Heat Exchangers

    Moghtada Mobedi and Chunyang Wang

    Chapter 11 Cool Thermal Energy Storage: Water and Ice to Alternative Phase Change MaterialsSandra K. S. Boetcher

    Chapter 12 Evolution of Melt Path in a Horizontal Shell and Tube Latent Heat Storage System for Concentrated Solar Power Plants

    Soheila Riahi, Michael Evans, Ming Liu, Rhys Jacob, and Frank Bruno

    Chapter 13 Sensible and Latent Thermal Energy Storage in Parallel Channels

    B. Buonomo, A. di Pasqua, O. Manca, S. Nardini, and S. Sabet

    Chapter 14 Recent Progress of Phase Change Materials and a Novel Application to Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery

    Thermal Management

    Yiwei Wang, Peng Peng, Wenjiong Cao, and Fangming Jiang

    Chapter 15 Phase Change Material-Based Thermal Energy Storage for Cold Chain Applications – From Materials to Systems

    Yelaman Maksum, Lin Cong, Boyang Zou, Binjian Nie, Siyuan Dai, Yongliang Li, Yanqi Zhao, Bakytzhan Akhmetov,

    Lige Tong, Li Wang, and Yulong Ding


    Moghtada Mobedi, Kamel Hooman, Wen-Quan Tao