1st Edition

Songs by Charles Gounod (1818-1893), Songs by Lo Delibes (1836-1891), Six Posies d'Armand Silvestre by Alexis de Castillon (1838-1873)

Edited By David Tunley Copyright 1995

    First Published in 1995. This series comprises nearly 300 romances and melodies, most of which were composed during the 40 years that saw a blossoming of the romantic spirit in all the arts in France. It brings together some of the most attractive pieces by the best songwriters of the period, and in so doing provides an overview of the development of nineteenth-century French song before Faure, Duparc, and Debussy

    Chapter 1 Le Vallon; Chapter 2 La Chanson Du Pêcheur; Chapter 3 Le Lever; Chapter 4 A Une Jeune Grecque; Chapter 5 L’â De La Morte; Chapter 6 Chanson De Printemps; Chapter 7 Marguerite; Chapter 8 Medjé; Chapter 9 Tombez, Mes Ailes!; Chapter 10 Ce Que Je Suis Sans Toi; Chapter 11 Crépuscule; Chapter 12 Au Printemps; Chapter 13 Boire A L’ombre; Chapter 14 Départ; Chapter 15 Envoi de Fleurs; Chapter 16 Donne Moi Cette Fleur; Chapter 17 Déese Ou Femme; Chapter 18 Je Ne Puis Espérer; Chapter 19 Absence; Chapter 20 Les Champs; Chapter 21 Le Premier Jour de Mai; Chapter 22 O Ma Belle Rebelle; Chapter 23 Aubade; Chapter 24 Chant D’automne.; Chapter 25 Venise; Chapter 26 Sérénade; Chapter 27 Les Maïades.(1); Chapter 28 Ni L’or Ni La Grandeur.; Chapter 29 Mon Habit; Chapter 30 Le Soir; Chapter 31 Bonjour, Suzon!; Chapter 32 Églogue; Chapter 33 Chanson Espagnole; Chapter 34 Le Code Fashionable; Chapter 35 Les animaux de Grandval; Chapter 36 Le bûcher; Chapter 37 Le Semeur; Chapter 38 Sonnet Mélancolique; Chapter 39 La Mer; Chapter 40 Renouveau; Chapter 41 Vendange;


    David Tunley