1st Edition

Soviet Agriculture in Perspective A Study of its Successes and Failures

By Erich Strauss Copyright 1969

    Soviet Agriculture in Perspective (1969) examines the framework within which Soviet agriculture had to operate from the start: the dilemma of a revolutionary regime in a backward peasant country, the straightjacket of a bureaucratic system inherited from Tsarism, made even more rigid by the internal tensions of the new society, and the imperative needs of economic development. In analysing Soviet agricultural policy, it looks at the appropriate volume of agricultural output, the need for massive capital investment, the level of prices and costs, and the optimum size of a farm.

    1. Historical Signposts  Part 1. Starting Points  2. The Permanent Challenge of Soviet Agriculture  3. Bureaucratic Dictatorship and Agricultural Policy  4. Agriculture in Soviet Economic Development  Part 2. The Past  5. Agricultural Policy, 1917–28  6. The Second Agrarian Revolution and its Aftermath  7. War, Recovery and Stalemate, 1941–53  8. The Khrushchev Era, 1953–64  9. After Khrushchev  Part 3. Problems and Prospects  10. Open Questions  11. The Balance of Soviet Agriculture


    Erich Strauss