1st Edition

Soviet Russia Fights Crime

By Lenka von Koerber Copyright 1934
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Soviet Russia Fights Crime (1934) examines the workings of the Soviet penal system in the pre-war years of the Soviet Union. It is a valuable insight into prison life in Soviet Russia, in both prisons and prison colonies, with the author being allowed remarkably free access to certain institutions.

    1. Introduction  2. The Soviet Penal System Shoulders a Heavy Task  3. Re-education by Productive Work  4. Prisoners’ Free Time  5. The Comrade as Public Prosecutor  6. A Commission is More Powerful than a Court  7. When Prisoners are Ill  8. Young Vagabonds  9. The Community at Bolschevo  10. Girl Vagrants at Work  11. Spiteful Women Criminals  12. Red Army Men and Former Party Members in Prison  13. Prisons with Open Doors: An Agricultural Colony; and, A Prison by the Railway  14. A Prison They Did Not Wish Me to See  15. Incorrigibles and Backsliders  16. Criticisms by Prisoners


    Lenka von Koerber