1st Edition

Spectral Analysis of Time-Series Data

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ISBN 9781572303386
Published January 19, 1999 by Guilford Press
225 Pages

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Book Description

Aimed at those new to the area, and those who have collected time-series data before, this book intends to facilitate the interpretation of observations of behaviour, physiology, mood, perceptual threshold, social indicator variables and other responses. It focuses on practical applications and requires much less mathematical background than many other texts.; Using real data sets and the available software SPSS for Windows, the book employs examples to clarify key concepts. Topics covered include research design issues, preliminary data screening, identification and description of cycles, summary of results across time series, and assessment of relations between time series. Also considered are theoretical questions, problems of interpretation and potential sources of artefact.

Table of Contents

1. Research Questions for Time-Series and Spectral Analysis Studies
2. Issues in Time-Series Research Design, Data Collection, and Data Entry: Getting Started
3. Preliminary Examination of Time-Series Data
4. Harmonic Analysis
5. Periodogram Analysis
6. Spectral Analysis
7. Summary of Issues for Univariate Time-Series Data
8. Assessing Relationships between Two Time Series
9. Cross-Spectral Analysis
10. Applications of Bivariate Time-Series and Cross-Spectral Analyses
11. Pitfalls for the Unwary: Examples of Common Sources of Artifact
12. Theoretical Issues
Appendix A. Raw Time-Series Data
Appendix B. Critical Values for the Fisher Test of Significance for Periodogram Analysis

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