Spellman's Standard Handbook for Wastewater Operators : Volume II, Intermediate Level, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

Spellman's Standard Handbook for Wastewater Operators
Volume II, Intermediate Level, Second Edition

ISBN 9781439818862
Published August 30, 2010 by CRC Press
485 Pages 114 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Up to date and current with the latest technology, Spellman's Standard Handbook for Wastewater Operators: Volume II, Intermediate Level, Second Edition provides a study guide and resource in a compact format. This second of three volumes contains a compilation of wastewater treatment information, data, operational material, process control procedures and problem solving, safety and health information, new trends in wastewater treatment administration and technology, and numerous sample problem-solving practice sets, many based on actual tests.

New in the Second Edition:

  • Chapter on operator safety
  • Reorganized table of contents
  • Homework problems, examples, and figures

While the handbook does not discuss the specific content of the examination, it reviews the job-related knowledge identified by the examination developers as essential for minimal competency. More than just a study guide, although it is immediately obvious to readers that the material presented will help them pass licensing exams, the book is designed for practical use and application. Building on the success of the first edition, the second edition contains revised and reorganized information that, if used wisely, helps readers obtain a passing score on certification exams and solve problems on the job.

Table of Contents

Operator Safety
Safety Starts at the Top
Safety Policy
Safety Budget
Safety Person’s Authority
Accident Investigations
Safety Rules
Safety Committee or Council
Worker Input
Accident Reporting
Safety Audits
Safety Programs
Safety Training
Safety Equipment
Chapter Review Questions
References and Recommended Reading

Water Hydraulics
What Is Water Hydraulics?
Basic Concepts
Properties of Water
Force and Pressure
Flow/Discharge Rate: Water in Motion
Piezometric Surface and Bernoulli’s Theorem
Hydraulic Machines (Pumps)
Well and Wet Well Hydraulics
Friction Head Loss
Basic Piping Hydraulics
Open Channel Flow
Flow Measurement
Chapter Review Questions
References and Recommended Reading

Hydraulic Machines: Pumps
Basic Pumping Calculations
Centrifugal Pumps
Positive-Displacement Pumps
Chapter Review Questions
References and Recommended Reading

Wastewater Conveyance
Conveyance Systems
Fluids vs. Liquids
Maintaining Fluid Flow in Piping Systems
Piping System Acc essories
Piping Systems: Temperature Effects and Insulation
Metallic Piping
Nonmetallic Piping
Industrial Hoses
Pipe and Tube Fittings
Piping System: Protective Devices
Piping Ancillaries
Chapter Review Questions
References and Recommended Reading

Wastewater Collection and Preliminary Treatment
Wastewater Collection Systems
Preliminary Treatment
Chapter Review Questions
References and Recommended Reading

Primary Treatment (Sedimentation)
Process Description
Process Control Calculations
Problem Analysis
Effluent from Settling Tanks
Chapter Review

Secondary Treatment
Treatment Ponds
Trickling Filters
Rotating Biological Contactors
Chapter Review Questions
Reference and Suggested Reading

Activated Sludge Process
Activated Sludge Terminology
Activated Sludge Process Equipment
Overview of Acti vated Sludge Process
Factors Affecting Operation of the Acti vated Sludge Process
Growth Curve
Activated Sludge Formation
Activated Sludge Performance-Controlling Factors
Activated Sludge Modifications
Activated Sludge Process Control Parameters
Operational Control Levels
Visual Indicators for Influent or Aeration Tank
Final Settling Tank (Clarifier) Observations
Process Control Testing and Sampling
Process Control Calculations
Activated Sludge Process Recordkeeping Requirements
Chapter Review Questions
References and Recommended Reading

Chlorine Disinfection
Ultraviolet Irradiation
Bromine Chloride
No Disinfection
Chapter Review Questions

Solids Handling
Sources of Sludge
Sludge Characteristics
Sludge Pumping Process Control Calculations
Sludge Thickening
Sludge Stabilization
Sludge Dewatering
Land Application of Biosolids
Chapter Review Questions

Permits, Records, and Reports
NPDES Permits
Sampling and Testing
References and Recommended Reading
Final Review Exam

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