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Sport in the Global Society - Historical Perspectives

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As Robert Hands in The Times recently observed, the growth of sports studies in recent years has been considerable. This unique series with over one hundred volumes in the last decade has played its part. Politically, culturally, emotionally and aesthetically, sport is a major force in the modern world. Its impact will grow as the world embraces ever more tightly the contemporary secular trinity: the English language, technology and sport. Sport in the Global Society will continue to record sport's phenomenal progress across the world stage.

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Martial Arts in Asia History, Culture and Politics

Martial Arts in Asia: History, Culture and Politics

1st Edition


Fan Hong, Gwang Ok
December 18, 2020

The reawakening of Asian martial arts is a distinct example of cultural hybridity in a global setting. This book deals with history of Asian martial arts in the contexts of tradition, religion, philosophy, politics and culture. It attempts to deepen the study of martial arts studies in their ...

The Sports Development of Hong Kong and Macau New Challenges after the Handovers

The Sports Development of Hong Kong and Macau: New Challenges after the Handovers

1st Edition

Brian Bridges, Marcus P. Chu
June 30, 2020

China’s sports history and its contemporary role in the global sporting community have become well-known, but the sporting history and development of China’s two Special Administrative Regions – Hong Kong and Macau – have not received the coverage they deserve either in their historical ...

Match Fixing and Sport Historical Perspectives

Match Fixing and Sport: Historical Perspectives

1st Edition

Mike Huggins, Rob Hess
November 26, 2019

Match-Fixing and Sport studies match-fixing in historical perspective, revealing how match-fixing has always been a major sporting continuity, alongside another longstanding continuity, a widely-held belief in a mythical recent past of pristine purity. The volume begins with a brief overview of ...

Sport and Christianity Historical Perspectives

Sport and Christianity: Historical Perspectives

1st Edition

Hugh McLeod, Nils Martinius Justvik, Robert Hess
December 03, 2019

Sport and Christianity examines sport and Christianity from a variety of historical perspectives, with the main focus on the period from the nineteenth to the early twenty-first centuries. The book is not limited to a narrow definition of Christianity, but rather encompasses a wide range of ...

The Olympic Movement and the Middle East and North Africa Region

The Olympic Movement and the Middle East and North Africa Region

1st Edition

Mahfoud Amara
May 14, 2019

This book offers different insights into the study of the Olympic movement in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It seeks to capture how political and cultural nation-state building and economic transformations are impacting the region’s engagement (and disengagement) with the Olympic ...

Sport Development and Olympic Studies Past, Present, and Future

Sport Development and Olympic Studies: Past, Present, and Future

1st Edition

Stephan Wassong, Michael Heine, Rob Hess
October 17, 2019

In 2017 the Olympic Studies Centre of the German Sport University organized a workshop on Sport Development and Olympic Studies. This book resulted from the presentations and discussions they engendered around identifying new international collaborative research fields and deepening research on the...

Sport and Entrepreneurship

Sport and Entrepreneurship

1st Edition

Dilwyn Porter, Wray Vamplew
February 25, 2020

Sport and Entrepreneurship combines perspectives derived from business history and sports history, focusing on the important but relatively unexplored relationship of entrepreneurship and sport. This important volume offers clearer definitions of both sports products and sports entrepreneurship, ...

Sport in Europe

Sport in Europe

1st Edition

Annette Hofmann
May 12, 2020

This book presents an overview on sport history research in Europe by giving insights into various topics between Europe´s south and north. Examples are physical activities in the middle ages in Córdoba, bullfighting in Spain, aspects of football in various countries to winter sports in France. ...

Sport in the Americas Local, Regional, National, and International Perspectives

Sport in the Americas: Local, Regional, National, and International Perspectives

1st Edition

Mark Dyreson
May 12, 2020

Statues of fans as nostalgic monuments to the North American devotion to baseball, Canadian lacrosse and ethnic ideologies, the rise of modern sports and class sensibilities in São Paulo, the inaugural world championship for women’s hockey, and national memories of Olympic Games hosted on US soil. ...

A Half Century of Super Bowls National and Global Perspectives on America’s Grandest Spectacle

A Half Century of Super Bowls: National and Global Perspectives on America’s Grandest Spectacle

1st Edition

Peter Hopsicker, Mark Dyreson
June 05, 2018

In 2016, the Super Bowl, the climactic spectacle of American professional football, celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Super Bowl stands as the broadest ‘shared experience’ in American culture. As television ratings, cultural practices, and scholarly tomes reveal, more people participate in ...

Sport and Protest Global Perspectives

Sport and Protest: Global Perspectives

1st Edition

Cathal Kilcline
June 13, 2018

Sporting mega-events habitually spawn protests from local groups discommoded by the building of new infrastructure, environmental lobbies contesting the long-term legacies of such events, and expressions of outrage at the expenditure of public funds on events often restricted to an elite selection ...

Olympics in Conflict From the Games of the New Emerging Forces to the Rio Olympics

Olympics in Conflict: From the Games of the New Emerging Forces to the Rio Olympics

1st Edition

Lu Zhouxiang, Fan Hong
February 06, 2018

In the second half of the twentieth century, the Olympics played an important role in the politics of the Cold War and was part of the conflicts between the Capitalist Block, the Socialist Block and Third World countries. The Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO) is one of the best examples of ...

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