Sports Nutrition : Minerals and Electrolytes book cover
1st Edition

Sports Nutrition
Minerals and Electrolytes

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ISBN 9780849379161
Published February 6, 1995 by CRC Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

This book addresses the relationships of mineral and electrolyte needs and interactions to sports and exercise. There are chapters written by experts with long histories of research in this area. Chapters include descriptions of specific research projects, as well as literature reviews. Convincing evidence that exercise and sport activities do affect the mineral status of individuals is examined.

Table of Contents

Mineral and Electrolyte Needs in Exercise, Sport, and Afterwards: Introduction, C. Kies
Physical Exercise and Iron Metabolism, Y. Ohira, F. Kariya, W. Yasui, S. Sugarwara, K. Koyanagi, K. Kaihatsu, N. Inoue, F. Hirata, C.S. Chen, and H. Ohno
Iron, Exercise and Growth: Is Exercise Contraindicated in Iron Deficiency? B.W. Tobin and J.L. Beard
Iron Deficient Affects Exercise and Exercise Affects Iron Metabolism: Is This a Chicken and Egg Argument? J.L. Beard and B.W. Tobin
The Efficacy of Iron Supplementation in Iron Depleted Women, I.J. Newhouse and D.B. Clement
Nutrient Intakes and Iron Status of Turkish Female Handball Players, G. Ersoy
Iron Status in Athletes Involved in Endurance and in Prevalently Anaerobic Sports, S. Federico, P. Alberto, and M. Sante
Inadequate Iron Status in Athletes: An Exaggerated Problem? M. Fogelholm
Calcium and Iron Intakes of Disabled Elite Ahtletes, J. Kandiah
Dietary Calcium and the Bioavailability of Iron in Physically Active Adults, Y. Zhu-Wood and C. Kies
Ferrous Fumarate/Calcium Carbonate Interactions Affecting Electrolyte Balances of Physically Active Humans, M.H. Kym and C. Kies
Physical Exercise and Zinc Metabolism, H. Ohno, Y. Sato, T. Kizaki, H. Yamashita, T. Ookawara, and Y. Ohira
Magnesium in Sports Physiology and Performance, L.R. Brilla and V.P. Lombardi
Longitudinal Changes in Magnesium Status in Untrained Males: Effect of Two Different 12-Week Exercise Training Programs and Magnesium Supplementation, M.M. Manore, J. Merkel, J.M. Helleksen, J.S. Skinner, and S.S. Carroll
Effects of Aerobic Training and Exercise on Plasma and Erythrocyte Magnesium Concentration, A. Resina, L. Gatteschi, W. Castellani, P. Galvan, G. Panise, and M.G. Rubenni
Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Plasma Chromium Concentrations, L. Gatteschi, W. Castellani, P. Galvan, G. Panise, A. Resina, and M.G. Rubenni
Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride Status of College Students: Competitive Athletes, Recreational Athletes, and Non-Participants, C. Kies
The Requirements for Fluid Replacement During Heavy Sweating and the Benefits of Carbohydrates and Minerals, H.L. Johnson
Carbohydrate, Fluid, and Electrolyte Requirements During Prolonged Exercise, J.A. Hawley, S.C. Dennis, and T.D. Noakes
Interactions among Indices of Mineral Element Nutriture and Physical Performance of Swimmers, H.C. Lukaski
Comparison of Mineral Intake, Excretion, and Hematological Parameters of Anabolic Steroid Users and Non-Users, N. Nnakwe
Mineral and Energy Status of Groups of Male and Female Athletes Participating in Events Believed to Result in Adverse Nutritional Status, J.T. Snook, D. Cummin, P.R. Good, and J. Grayzar
The Relation of Calorie and Fiber Intake and Metabolic Rate to Athletic Amenorrhea, J.E. Benson, P.A. Eisenman, and K.K. Heinrich
Free Radicals in Sports, O.I. Aruoma and B. Halliwell

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