1st Edition

Statecraft In The Dark Israel's Practice Of Quiet Diplomacy

By Aharon Klieman Copyright 1989

    Covert agreements and operations are a fact of world affairs. Secrecy in diplomacy remains as much a challenge for international politics as it is for national and foreign policy. This study undertakes to address aspects of clandestinely at both the domestic and external levels. Secret diplomacy's mixed fortunes in this century are first surveyed,

    Summary -- Introduction -- Secret Versus Quiet Diplomacy -- The China Gambit: Making Secrecy Respectable Again -- The Missing Dimension in Israeli Foreign Relations -- In Silent Pursuit of the National Interest -- Middle East, Arab and Other Back Doors -- The Israel-Jordan Tacit Relationship -- Conclusions: Operating in the Back Channel


    Aharon Klieman is professor of international relations and senior researcher at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University.