1st Edition

States And International Migrants The Incorporation Of Indochinese Refugees In The United States And France

By Jeremy Hein Copyright 1993

    This book focuses on the relationship between international migrants and host societies and discusses the historical uniqueness of the Indochinese refugee migration for the U.S. and France. It is more than the study of one refugee population and examines the relative importance of history.

    Preface -- Introduction: Comparing Modes of State Incorporation -- Indochinese Refugees in the United States -- International Migration and Historical Context -- From Political Migrants to Clients of the Welfare State -- Managing Ethnic Communities in the Nation-State -- Indochinese Refugees in France -- Constants and Variables in the Indochinese Migration -- The French Mode of State Incorporation -- States and Migrants' Social Networks -- Confronting a Social Conflict in the United States -- Evaluating a Social Contract in France -- Conclusion: History, States, and Migrants' Social Networks


    Jeremy Hein