1st Edition

Statistical Methods for SPC and TQM

By D Bissell Copyright 1994
    384 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    Statistical Methods for SPC and TQM sets out to fill the gap for those in statistical process control (SPC) and total quality management (TQM) who need a practical guide to the logical basis of data presentation, control charting, and capability indices.
    Statistical theory is introduced in a practical context, usually by way of numerical examples. Several methods familiar to statisticians have been simplified to make them more accessible. Suitable tabulations of these functions are included; in several cases, effective and simple approximations are offered.

    Data Collection and Graphical Summaries
    Numerical Data Summaries-Location and Dispersion
    Probability and Distribution
    Sampling, Estimation, and Confidence
    Sample Tests of Hypothesis; "Significance Tests"
    Control Charts for Process Management and Improvement
    Control Charts for Average and Variation
    Control Charts for "Single-Valued" Observations
    Control Charts for Attributes and Events
    Control Charts: Problems and Special Cases
    Cusum Methods
    Process Capability-Attributes, Events, and Normally Distributed Data
    Capability; Non-Normal Distributions
    Evaluating the Precision of a Measurement System (Gauge Capability)
    Getting More from Control Chart Data
    SPC in "Non-Product" Applications


    D Bissell

    "This book should be compulsory reading for every quality management consultant, applied statistician, and student of quality or statistics. It finds the right balance between data analysis and commonsense management which few people ever strike."
    -The Statistician