672 Pages 230 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    672 Pages 230 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Statistics for Business explains the fundamentals of statistical analysis in a lucid, pragmatic way. A thorough knowledge of statistics is essential for decision making in all corners of business and management. By collecting, organizing and analyzing statistical data you can express what you know, benchmark your current situation, and estimate future outcomes.

    Based entirely on Microsoft Excel, this book covers a spectrum of statistic fundamentals from basic principles, to probability, sampling, hypothesis testing, forecasting, statistical process control and six-sigma management. This second edition is packed with features to aid understanding and help ensure that every aspect of your knowledge of statistics is applicable to practice, including:

    • Icebreakers introducing each chapter that relate statistics to the real world, drawn from management and hospitality situations
    • Detailed worked examples in each chapter
    • Over 140 case-exercises complete with objective, situation, requirements, and answers
    • A complete glossary of key terminology and formulas, mathematical relationships, and Excel relationships and functions
    • A brand new companion website containing slides, worked-out-solutions to the case-exercises, and a test bank [coming soon]

    With a clear and accessible style this book makes statistics easier to understand. It is ideal for business, management, tourism and hospitality students who want to learn how to apply statistics to the real world.

    1. Characterizing and Defining Data 2. Presenting and Organizing Data  3. Essentials of Probability and Counting Rules  4. Discrete Data and Probability  5. Continuous Distributions and Probability  6. Methods and Theory of Statistical Sampling  7. Estimating Population Characteristics  8. Hypothesis Testing From a Single Population  9. Hypothesis Testing From Different Populations  10. Forecasting From Correlated Data  11. Business Decisions and Risk  12. Statistical Process Control, SPC  13. Six-Sigma Management


    Derek L. Waller is an Adjunct Professor at the Institut Paul Bocuse and the CEFAM University, France. A chemical engineer by training and a chartered engineer in the UK, Derek has also published books on operations and supply chain management.

    Statistics for Business successfully navigates fundamental statistical methods through a variety of stimulating real-world examples, clearly demonstrating the applicability of many statistical techniques to the business world.’ - Dr James Abdey, Lecturer in Statistics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK