Stem Cells in Human Reproduction : Basic Science and Therapeutic Potential book cover
1st Edition

Stem Cells in Human Reproduction
Basic Science and Therapeutic Potential

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ISBN 9780429104176
Published December 5, 2006 by CRC Press
260 Pages

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Book Description

This book gives an overview of the revolutionary advances in stem cell science that may potentially impact human reproductive medicine. The contents cover the production and regeneration of female and male germ cells, trophoblasts, and endometrium from human embryonic and adult stem cells. New developments in hESC derivation that will impact clinic

Table of Contents

FEMALE GAMETE DIFFERENTIATION. Controlled Oocyte Differentiation from Murine ESC. Spontaneous Differentiation of Germ Cells from Human ESC. Human Embryonic Stem Cells Differentiate to Primordial Germ Cells. Adult Stem Cells in the Murine Ovary. Adult Stem Cells in the Human Ovary. MALE GAMETE DIFFERENTIATION. Sperm Differentiation from ESC. Adult Stem cell Population in the Testes. OTHER REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS. Trophoblast Stem Cells. Adult Stem Cells in the Uterus. NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN HESC DERIVATION. Selection of Embryos for Stem Cell Derivation: Can We Optimize the Process? Individual Blastomeres as a Source of Stem Cells. hESC Culture in Ceeder-free, Xeno-free Conditions. hESC Express Unique Polarized Phenotype which is Linked with Pluripotency. REPROGRAMING, NUCLEAR TRANSFER AND IMPRINTING. Reprograming. Nuclear Transfer: Possibilities in Reproductive Medicine. Imprinting

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