Stereoselective Polymerization with Single-Site Catalysts  book cover
1st Edition

Stereoselective Polymerization with Single-Site Catalysts

ISBN 9781574445794
Published November 29, 2007 by CRC Press
696 Pages - 584 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

New synthetic techniques allow chemists to modify polymer microstructures more precisely than ever, making it possible to design materials that meet increasingly demanding performance requirements. Written and edited by experts in the field, Stereoselective Polymerization with Single-Site Catalysts reviews how the relative stereochemistry of polymer chains affects polymer properties and presents the latest strategies for developing tactic polymers using single-site catalysis.


This unified volume explains the mechanistic basics of tactic polymerizations, beginning with an extensive survey of the most important classes of metallocene and post-metallocene catalysts used to make polypropylenes.  It also focuses on tactic stereoblock and ethylene/propylene copolymers and catalyst active site models, followed by chapters discussing the structure of more stereochemically complex polymers and polymerizations that proceed via non-vinyl-addition mechanisms.  Individual chapters thoroughly describe tactic polymerizations of α-olefins, styrene, dienes, acetylenes, lactides, epoxides, acrylates, and cyclic monomers, as well as cyclopolymerizations and ditactic structures, olefin/CO polymers, and metathesis polyalkenamers.

An ideal reference and supplementary text, Stereoselective Polymerization with Single-Site Catalysts enables both new and experienced chemists to better understand tactic polymers and select appropriate catalyst systems for their preparation.

Table of Contents

Isotactic Polypropylene from C2- and Pseudo-C2-Symmetric Catalysts; R. Leino and S. Lin
Fluorenyl-Containing Catalysts for Stereoselective Propylene Polymerization; C.J. Price, L.J. Irwin, D.A. Aubry, and S.A. Miller
Substituted Indenyl and Cyclopentadienyl Catalysts for Stereoselective Propylene Polymerization; J.J. Esteb
Doubly Bridged Metallocenes for Stereoselective Propylene Polymerization; D.L. Zubris
Metallocenes with Donor/Acceptor and Other Heteroatom Bridges for Stereoselective Propylene Polymerization; P.J. Shapiro
Stereoselective Propylene Polymerization with Early and Late Transition Metal Catalysts; H. Makio and T. Fujita
Catalyst Structure and Polymer Tacticity: The Theory Behind Site Control in Propylene Polymerization; A.K. Rappé, O.G. Polyakov, and L.M. Bormann-Rochotte
Stereoblock Polypropylene; Vincenzo Busico
Elastomeric Homo-Polypropylene: Solid State Properties and Synthesis via Control of Reaction Parameters; S. Hild, C. Cobzaru, C. Troll, and B. Rieger
Control of Molecular Weight and Chain-End Group in Tactic Polypropylenes Using Chain Transfer Agents; T.C. Chung
Functionalization of Tactic Polypropylenes; M. Bochmann
Influence of Tacticity of Propylene Placement on Structure and Properties of Ethylene/Propylene Copolymers; M. Galimberti and G. Guerra
Stereocontrol in the Polymerization of Higher α-Olefin Monomers; M. Kol, S. Segal, and S. Groysman
Tactic Polystyrene and Styrene Copolymers; H. Ma and J. Huang
Cyclopentene Homo- and Copolymers Made with Early and Late Transition Metal Catalysts; N. Naga
Tactic Norbornene Homo- and Copolymers Made with Early and Late Transition Metal Catalysts; W. Kaminsky and M. Arndt-Rosenau
The Stereoselective Polymerization of Linear Conjugated Dienes; A. Proto and C. Capacchione
The Stereoselective Polymerization of Cyclic Conjugated Dienes; M. Nakano
Tactic Nonconjugated Diene Cyclopolymerization and Cyclocopolymerization; I. Kim
Stereochemistry of Polymers Formed by Metathesis Polymerization of Bicyclic and Polycyclic Olefins; D. Breen, K. Curran, and W. Risse
Stereoregularity of Polyacetylene and Its Derivatives; T. Masuda, M. Shiotsuki, and J. Tabei
Tacticity in Ethylene/Carbon Monoxide/Vinyl Co- and Terpolymerizations; K. Nozaki
Stereoselective Acrylate Polymerization; E.L. Marshall and V.C. Gibson
Discrete Catalysts for Stereoselective Epoxide Polymerization; H. Ajiro, S.D. Allen, and G.W. Coates
Stereoselective Polymerization of Lactide; M.H. Chisholm and Z. Zhou

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Lisa S. Baugh, Jo Ann M. Canich


"… covers both fundamental aspects as well as recent advances in stereoselective polymerization using SSC. The scope of the book is formidable …Most of the 25 review chapters are well written by experts who provide authoritative overviews of each area and extensive references to the primary literature. The introductory material and references (with titles) included in each chapter will be especially valuable to nonexpert readers. …a reference volume valuable to both experts in the field and beginners or students wishing to learn the fundamentals of stereoselective SSC and polymerization systems. … an excellent collection of reviews on the stereoselective polymerization with SSC as a whole, not just on the polymerization of olefins. I highly recommend it for both institutional libraries and individual researchers interested in this field."

—Eugene Y.-X. Chen, Colorado State University, in Journal of the American Chemical Society