1st Edition

Stories Celebrating Group Work It's Not Always Easy to Sit on Your Mouth

By Roselle Kurland, Andrew Malekoff Copyright 2002
    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    Stories Celebrating Group Work: It’s Not Always Easy to Sit on Your Mouth celebrates the 25th anniversary of the esteemed journal Social Work with Groups with a collection of 21 narratives from group work practitioners and educators. These highly personal stories from a range of social workers—young and old, “famous” and not so famous—reflect each author's development and experience, serving as both instruction and inspiration for practitioners and educators. This unique collection—by turns humorous, moving, profound, and down-to-earth—gets to the heart of what it means to be a member of the social work community.

    Each chapter of Stories Celebrating Group Work draws on its contributor’s area of expertise and interest in a specific topic, chronicling the development of the author's understanding, appreciation, and skill. Authors address the everyday concerns of social work professionals, such as maximizing mutual aid, promoting positive norms, maintaining authority in group work, managing conflict, dealing with taboo subjects, building a group work culture in a human services organization, working with a co-leader, tapping the strengths of group members, and addressing social change. The individual stories of working with men, women, and children suffering through abuse, homelessness, addiction, and teenage pregnancy, in places as diverse as East Harlem, Maine, Canada, Nebraska, Long Island, Haiti, Uruguay, help form a collegial spirit as group workers gain insight from the theory and practice of those who went before.

    The personal stories you’ll find in Stories Celebrating Group Work include:

    • “How I Became a Social Worker”
    • “The Power of Group Work with Kids”
    • “How the Relational Model of Group Work Developed”
    • “My Love Affair with Stages of Group Development”
    • “But I Want to Do a Real Group”
    • “Racial Difference and Human Commonality: The Worker-Client Relationship”
    • and many more!
    Stories Celebrating Group Work: It’s Not Always Easy to Sit on Your Mouth is a one-of-a-kind collection of stories, at once entertaining and educational. It's an essential read for beginning and seasoned human services practitioners, and educators involved with, or interested in, working with groups.

    • About the Contributors
    • Introduction
    • Memories of Social Work with Groups: Volume 1 (1978) Through Volume 14 (1991)
    • A Tale of Transformation: How I Became a Group Worker
    • A Rewarding Group Worker’s Journey
    • The Magic of Mutual Aid
    • I Hate Conflict, But . . .
    • Bell Choir, Somersaults, and Cucumber Sandwiches: A Journey in Understanding the Importance of Positive Group Norms
    • Grizzly Empathy
    • It Is Not Always Easy to Sit on Your Mouth
    • Will the Real Healer Please Take a Bow
    • The Power of Group Work with Kids: Lessons Learned
    • If Only They Were Adults My Job Would Be Easier
    • Pitfalls, Pratfalls, Shortfalls and Windfalls: Reflections of Forming and Being Formed by Groups
    • But I Want to Do a Real Group: A Personal Journey from Snubbing to Loving to Theorizing to Demanding Activity-Based Group Work
    • Hidden Treasure Under the Rabi Tree: A Group Worker’s Journey from Haiti to the US
    • Navigating in Groups . . . Experiencing the Cultural as Political
    • Learning to Talk About Taboo Subjects: A Lifelong Professional Challenge
    • My Love Affair with Stages of Group Development
    • Process of an Idea-How the Relational Model of Group Work Developed
    • Group Work Is All Wet* (*Don't Read Article Until an Hour After Eating)
    • Adventures in Co-Leadership in Social Group Work Practice
    • Creating a Group Work Culture in a Children’s Mental Health Agency: A Professional Memoir
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Roselle Kurland, Andrew Malekoff